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The Best of the Best: Top Austin Software Companies!


Looking for top Austin Software Companies? Are you a software developer or engineer looking for your next big opportunity? If so, you should take a look at what Austin has to offer.

This Texas city is home to some of the most innovative software companies in the world. From cutting-edge startups to major corporations, there’s something for everyone here.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the top software companies in Austin that are making waves in their respective industries and driving innovation forward.

So if you’re ready to join an amazing team and work on game-changing projects, keep reading for top austin software companies!

Top Software Companies in Austin


Austin, Texas is home to many innovative companies, including Miro. Founded in 2015, Miro has quickly become one of Austin’s leading software companies by crafting a suite of solutions designed to revolutionize team collaboration for remote settings.

By implementing colorful visual aids and personalized tools such as sticky notes and widgets, each online meeting feels more like an intimate gathering.

Further bolstered by limitless application integration options and versatile templates for flowcharts and mind maps alike, Austinites have great reason to be proud of Miro’s $76.3M-funded software that rivals any other richly designed collaboration platform worldwide and top austin software companies.


Software Companies are transforming how people create and share engagement-driven visuals.

Canva, particularly, is allowing creators to easily craft the perfect message for their target audience.

With its wide selection of templates and options, anyone can stylize their messages with features such as drag and drop tools, multimedia inserts, and range of tones.

Canva provides an online platform for people to share ideas and stories through visual communication in a memorable way and top austin software companies.


BigCommerce is a revolutionary all-in-one e-commerce platform designed to help merchants launch their online stores with ease and convenience.

Founded in 2009 and already funded by more than $155 million, this great software empowers brands to customize their sites and manage them every step of the way.

Not only that but BigCommerce users can also list their products on Amazon, Facebook, and eBay, giving them the ultimate ability to reach more customers.

With tools like analytics, search engine optimization and automated shipping calculations, BigCommerce is connecting merchants with buyers while drastically minimizing the time they spend on product setup and management.

All in all, BigCommerce is revolutionizing how things are done in order to bring success to both sellers and shoppers alike!


Khoros has been creating innovative solutions to managing customer engagements and social media interactions since 2001.

Their personalized software provides businesses – such as Airbnb, AT&T and eBay – with the ability to better understand their customers and monitor how they interact with their brand.

By having a centralized platform, brands can evaluate their entire engagement strategy in one place within Khoros’s software. T

his user-friendly platform makes it simple for marketers to create engaging content, respond to customer inquiries quickly, access analytics, manage multiple accounts at once and more.

With over three million users and $201.7M in total funding, Khoros is on a mission to help businesses deliver extraordinary experiences and grow their relationships with customers and top austin software companies.


ThousandEyes has emerged as a leader in the networking solutions space for companies across a range of industries.

Founded in 2010, the company has experienced tremendous growth, recently raising $60.7M, and many of the greats have come onboard such as hp, Comcast, GitHub, and lyft.

ThousandEyes is revolutionizing how software works by allowing companies to quickly troubleshoot issues affecting their deliverables and get them running again faster than ever before.

With its informative yet engaging tone of voice and innovative network solutions, ThousandEyes is here to stay as an industry leader.


Sprinklr, founded in 2009 and having raised $228.5M in funding, is shaking up the software game by allowing companies to easily manage their customer engagement including social media channels across twenty platforms.

From Microsoft, Nike and McDonald’s to everyday brands, everyone is using Sprinklr’s solutions to effortlessly connect with their customers while staying ahead of trends.

With a marked emphasis on ensuring great customer experiences as well as being informative, engaging and direct with their platform, Sprinklr is fast becoming the go-to resource for companies needing an edge in the highly competitive world of software.


Optimizely is revolutionizing how businesses test and optimize the performance of their apps and websites.

Founded in 2009 and based out of San Francisco with an additional office in Austin, this SaaS platform assists major companies such as Metromile, Intuit and AAA by analyzing website and app analytics to provide custom recommendations for increased efficiency.

With a whopping $146.2M in funding to date, Optimizely is well-positioned to continue pushing the boundaries of software optimization for years to come.

MedalliaAustin Software Companies

Medallia is an incredible software platform that is revolutionizing the industry’s customer experience software. Their platform aggregates customer feedback from multiple sources and provides invaluable insights to businesses.

Medallia has offices in both San Mateo, Calif., and Austin, giving them a wider reach for their innovative tech solutions.

Founded in 2001 and funded with $255M, Medallia has set a new standard for customer experience software.

They are continuously developing and improving the ways businesses understand consumer preferences and conduct better business decisions!

GoDaddyAustin Software Companies

Founded in 2010, Main Street Hub is looking to revolutionize the way local businesses interact with their customers. Their marketing platform allows small businesses to take advantage of social media, customer reviews, web and email marketing strategies to grow their customer base.

With $46 million in funding, Main Street Hub is focused on revitalization of local economies by putting small businesses back on the map.

By providing a more direct and engaging voice between consumers and local merchants alike, these communities can reap the benefits of having vibrant and successful main streets.

SignpostAustin Software Companies

Signpost is revolutionizing the way that marketing and customer-implied data are used.

Since their founding in 2010, they have accumulated over $36 million in funding and have surpassed a milestone workforce of 250 employees stationed across three offices: New York City, Austin, TX, and Denver, CO.

What’s more remarkable is how this relatively young firm has been able to help more than 15,000 merchants build stronger customer relationships by taking advantage of the wealth of data available — such as emails, phones numbers, social media networks and transactions.

Despite features like automated customer profiling available through various solutions providers nowadays, Signpost still manages maintain an engaging yet direct tone while innovating on further technologies that are sure to leave its competitors in the dust.

Conclusion of Top Austin Software Companies

Austin is quickly becoming a hub for software innovation, with companies like Sprinklr, Optimizely, Medallia, Main Street Hub and Signpost leading the way.

Each of these companies has its own unique approach to customer engagement and optimization that sets it apart from other solutions providers in the market.

From automated customer profiling to leveraging data sources such as emails and social media networks — Austin’s tech scene is revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers.

With an impressive amount of funding collectively raised by each company, there’s no doubt that this city will remain at the forefront of software development for years to come!

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