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Atila Altaunbay – Grace Jones’ Husband Bio


Who is Atila Altaunbay?

The well-known actor Grace Jones’ bodyguard was Atila Altaunbay. They were in the spotlight from the start of their relationship because of their massive 21-year age difference.

There is no Instagram for the bodyguard. His family is Muslim and he is Turkish. Almost no information is obtainable regarding his birthdate or anything else, but if the resources are to be believed, he was born in or around 1976. Grace Jones engaged Atila Altaunbay to serve as her personal protection.

Being a bodyguard is a difficult profession; you must constantly be on guard because your duty is to defend life, therefore maintaining concentration is crucial. It is safe to assume that Atila has made a lifelong commitment to defend Grace.

Although this tale may appear strange, love often blossoms in unexpected places. The previous customer of the security guard was Grace Jones, a fashion icon, model, singer, and dancer. Her parents moved to New York in search of job after she was born in Jamaica.

Grace Jones

An example of beauty is Grace Jones. She has influence in the actual world. People are drawn to her because of the way she speaks and how she got her start in Hollywood. She is a native of Jamaica. Her family relocated to New York when she was 13 years old in order to survive.

She adores the bread-based meal known as BAMI from Jamaica. She tells the tale of how she made it through this new metropolis on the Jimmy Fallon show.

She revealed her 12-year-old documentary in 2018. Every significant situation Grace Jones has faced is depicted, along with her hardships as an actor. Grace is one of the very few people who can truly reach the destination they have always wanted to go.

She also has a reputation for being a feminist, and she lives up to that reputation. Because of the numerous women she has helped, Grace is well regarded by her friends and family. The actor has made a career out of giving entertainment, which accounts for her versatility in doing so.

Love life 

Grace Jones, Atila’s thenwife, is renowned for her superb sense of style, enchanting voice, and convincing acting. She is also renowned for leading an active and interesting life. So, following the revelation, her relationship with her former security Atila became well known.

A week before their wedding the ex-couple participated in customary carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro
However, at the time it appeared that they merely had a business relationship, thus many people were startled when they unexpectedly announced their engagement. In February 1996, the former couple exchanged vows in front of 50 guests in an informal ceremony. A Presbyterian minister officiated the ceremony in a private residence. Additionally, the ex-couple headed to the gym to exercise after the rite. They both intended to visit New York for their honeymoon as well.

Grace Altaunbay, then Atila Altaunbay wife, was 42 years old when they got married, and he was 21. Despite having a large age gap, the couple at the time spent eight years together happily. Regrettably, they split up in 2004.

The reasons for the breakup have not been made public by the ex-spouses. However, according to Jones, the former guard was not interested in divorcing her. However, they have both moved on from one another. The Turk and Jones, his ex-partner, did not have any kids. However, Paulo Goude’s stepfather was Grace Jones’ ex-husband. Grace welcomed Jean-Paul Goude’s son from a previous relationship.

Atila has lived a quiet life away from the media since splitting up with the model. He has not appeared in public and probably leads a secluded life. We still wish him a happy and prosperous future, though.

Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay first met when she employed him. Atila had previously worked as a club employee. Grace visited the same club on one of the evenings.

She noticed the bodyguard at the entryway. She asked Atlia if he could work for her right away. He seized the chance to serve as a well-known celebrity’s bodyguard when he noticed the money involved.

But she was thinking about something else. She admired him greatly. She asked Atlia to watch over her on a typical day, and the next thing you know, they were dating. The duo was observed wandering the area without any security. At least one was present, though!


Grace Jones is most recognized for her role in the 1986 film “Slave to the Rhythm.” She reached the US Billboard top 5 with her song. She has a strong, independent personality. Grace works in philanthropy, and most recently, she gave a trust in Ghana over $1 million.

Grace is a fantastic singer who has released ten albums over the course of her career. When she was 16 years old, she quit school to focus only on music. When she released “I need a Man” in 1975, it became her first big hit and peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard in the dance club songs category. She writes catchy music.

The singer has produced many hits. She is regarded as one of the greatest R&B performers of all time. The abbreviation RnB stands for rhythm and blues. Although sorrowful, the songs in this category have a beat. This could be described as melodic rap.

How Atila Altaunbay Almost killed His wife Grace Jones

Atila and Grace Jones split up after a quarrel in which Atila threatened Grace Jones with a knife. Atila is reputed to be shy and dislike being the center of attention.

Atila was negatively affected by his relatively private nature and by witnessing his wife get a lot of attention. Atila became envious of Grace’s attention from other boys, which led to an argument, a fight, and ultimately their breakup. According to rumors, Atila treated Grace’s ex-boyfriend’s fairly, including Paulo, for whom she had a son.

During their disagreement, Atila allegedly put a knife to Grace Jones’ throat out of envy. He then left their home and went back to his family, where he has not been seen since.

Atila Altaunbay Net Worth and Career

After working with model Jones, the media personality rose to fame. He must have made a nice livelihood from his employment in addition to receiving praise. Consequently, Atila Altaunbay earlier earnings from serving as a bodyguard had to be counted toward his net worth.

The media is still unsure of what Atila did before to working as Grace Jones’ bodyguard. However, some sources claim that he started out in Belgium as a young pizza delivery boy. However, the information is not very reliable.

Former client of Atila was Grace, a well-known singer, actor, and fashion icon. Given how highly recognized she is, she must have only hired professionals to look after her. Consequently, it is probable that the former guard had prior employment.

Altaunbay must have received a significant salary from his employment. His salary must have been within or above the $66,746 typical pay range for a U.S. bodyguard, as per Salary.com.

Therefore, Atila Altaunbay income from his line of work must have made a sizable contribution to his riches. It will likely increase with his new career endeavors in the coming days.

Grace Jones, to name just one, started her career as a model before moving on to acting and singing. Grace was formerly married to Atila. She has appeared on the covers of publications like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Stern in addition to walking the catwalk for well-known companies.

Jones has also put out many albums, including Portfolio, Fame, Slave to the Rhythm, Hurricane, Nightclubbing, etc. Her songs have sold well and reached the top of several music charts. 

Facts about Atila Altaunbay

  • Atila Altaunbay was born in Turkey and has Turkish ancestry, but he spent much of his childhood and adult life there.
  • Before protecting Grace, Atila Altaunbay was a pizza delivery boy in Belgium. This was before he set out to travel the globe.
  • Atila Altaunbay has been in numerous stage productions, but his role in the film “Mind Games” marked his first widely watched on-screen appearance.
  • Atila Altaunbay net worth is thought to be $800,000. He acquired this wealth working as a bodyguard.
  • Atila Altaunbay does not have a son of his own, but he and Paulo Goude play the role of the father to Grace Jones’ son.
  • Jones dated the graphic designer Paulo Gouda for almost 7 years. Grace had a son for her ex-boyfriend Paulo before she met and wed Atila.
  • Because Atila was a Turkish Muslim and his family followed the convention that all men should marry according to their age, he disobeyed them when he wed Grace Jones.
  •  Being the youngest, Atila was prohibited from getting married until all of his older brothers were married.
  • However, he broke with custom, disobeyed his family, and severed relations with them when he eloped with Grace to wed in Brazil.


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