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Ashley Elliott’s husband


Ashley Elliott, affectionately known as the gel lady, is a popular TikToker who shares regular content on her social media, often showcasing her love for hair gel. She explains that her unique niche is creating fun videos centered around hair gels.

In many of her videos, her husband makes appearances. However, recently, Ashley removed all videos featuring her husband, leaving her followers curious about the change. Many speculated that something might be amiss between them. Eventually, a TikTok user named Monique posted a video suggesting that Ashley’s husband had been unfaithful and was in contact with Monique.

Why Ashley Deleted Videos Featuring Her Husband

As her followers grew increasingly anxious and flooded her with questions, Ashley released a video to explain the mystery behind the deleted videos. She revealed that her husband no longer wanted to be in the spotlight; he desired privacy and didn’t wish to be recognized in public.

However, this explanation sparked suspicion among her fans. They argued that if privacy was his concern, there was no need to delete the previously uploaded videos, which had been a significant source of income for their family. The plot thickens!

Monique’s Shocking Allegations about Ashley Elliott’s Husband

In a bombshell revelation, Monique—a professional escort—dropped a video claiming that Ashley Elliott’s husband had cheated on her. Monique boldly stated that he was one of her clients, although their connection was purely virtual and they never met in person.

According to Monique, Ashley’s husband reached out to her seeking someone to confide in, subtly suggesting that Ashley wasn’t fulfilling that role for him. But the drama doesn’t stop there.

In another explosive video, Monique accused Ashley of creating unnecessary drama and urged her to try to understand her husband’s needs. This statement infuriated Ashley’s fans, who felt Monique was unfairly biased and overlooking the fact that Ashley was the victim of infidelity.

The plot thickens as tensions rise, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next in this unfolding saga.

Ashley’s Clarification

Amidst all the drama, Ashley took to social media to set the record straight about her husband’s infidelity. Despite the betrayal, she urged everyone to refrain from posting hate comments about him.

Why Are Ashley and Her Husband Parting Ways?

Ashley and her husband are going their separate ways after his cheating scandal. She bravely shared the end of her marriage in a candid TikTok video.

Ashley explained why she won’t be sharing more about her marriage. She fears that one day, her children might stumble upon these revelations and be hurt by them. She also admitted that, despite everything, she still loves her husband and can’t completely erase her feelings for him. Thus, she pleads for no hate comments towards him.


Popular TikTok star Ashley and her husband have decided to end their marriage after Ashley discovered his extramarital affairs. Monique’s claims have only fueled the curiosity of her fans, who are now wondering why she deleted videos featuring her husband. In a recent video, Ashley shared some valuable advice with her followers, emphasizing the importance of being financially independent and not relying too much on a partner, as the future is always uncertain.

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