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Arturo Vargas-Betancourt From ‘Joe Millionaire’


We generally assume that organizations especially TV shows or networks don’t have any empathy for its employees. However this is a wrong presumption as it has been observed that majority of these TV shows does care for their employees by giving them paid leaves or number of fringe benefits.

In case of sudden death of any employee, they make sure to acknowledge him/her by attending his/her funeral or publish a respectful obituary to pay their last tribute to their employee; even if the employee happened to worked behind the scenes.

Just three months ago, on 6th January 2022, An American TV show “Joe Millionaire” paid tribute to the late Arturo Vargas-Betancourt by displaying his name during screening of the show. Viewers of this show have been curious to know about the Arturo and how is he connected to the show, since they haven’t seen him in any earlier episodes nor were his name included in any of the cast list.

Continue reading this article as we continue to explore the answers to the aforementioned questions.

Who is Arturo Vargas-Betancourt?

Arturo Vargas-Betancourt was the president of the organization known as “Know God in Baseball Basis”. He was the devout Christian follower as his organization’s main mission was to obey God by the means of using country’s most popular sports of all time, Baseball in order to rebuild and develop a large number of Church buildings.

He was born on 25th October 1977 in Hato Mayor Del Rey, Domain Republic. His identities of parents are not disclosed; however we do know this that Arturo has completed his education from Latin America Bible School.

Furthermore he was expert in software engineering as well which he later on make use of it by making his own YouTube Channel where Arturo uploaded educational videos regarding computer programming. About 1000 subscribers followed his YouTube Channel.

Other than this, Arturo was also the active member of the Biblical Institute for Management Growth (BILDF), an organization which provided training to the global leaders in helping to restore the churches.

Personal life

Arturo Vargas-Betancourt was married to Rosanny Salas. The couple was blessed with two boys named, Simon Isa and Arthur Isa.

Death of Arturo Vargas-Betancourt

Arturo Vargas’s death was announced on 6th January 2022, leaving his loved ones and followers saddened. His cause of death is still unknown to this date. Majority of people think that he was going through some life-threatening sickness which eventually led to his final demise.

Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire is the Fox TV American reality dating show. In this show, several single female candidates compete with other to win a hand of bachelor who is falsely casted as millionaire.

However there was catch in this show which was, if the female winner still accepted dating this bachelor despite the truth, then the couple was rewarded with the high prize worth millions.

The show “Joe Millionaire” was broadcasted on 6th January 2003. The season one received up to 34.5 million views which lead Fox TV to release the season two.

However, season two failed to maintain the hype as it only managed to attract only nine million views in total. Hence the show was cancelled only to revive in the new form known as “Joe Millionaire: For richer or poorer on 6th January 2022. Unlike in first two seasons, a few major changes were made in third season.

In season three, Instead one of bachelor, now they will be two bachelors that females will have to compete with one major twist which is that one of them is millionaire and one is of them is not.

With no clues provided, females will themselves have to figure it out the real millionaire. The two bachelors who were casted in this show were Steven McBee (27) who is from Kansas and owns the farm, while the other one Kurt F. Sowers (32) is the CEO of the construction company from North Carolina. There were eighteen contestants in season three.

Arturo Vargas’s association to “Joe Millionaire”

Through the show did honored late Arturo Vargas-Betancourt, but there is no clear details available revealing what was his role in Joe Millionaire as he was neither a cast member nor he had made any appearances in first two seasons.

Many people speculate that Arturo might have worked or contributed in this show behind the scenes for some time period. However this is just an opinion as his family hasn’t release any statement that confirms this above mentioned speculation.

Additional works by Late Arturo Vargas-Betancourt

In addition to software engineer and devoted Christian, during his lifetime Arturo has worked as Dominican Republic director for Mission Foundation of the Worldwide Missions Company meets God for fifteen years.

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