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Aria Ella Thornton Age, Parents, Net Worth & More


Aria Ella Thornton is the daughter of American rapper and musician, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known as Young Dolph. She has been in the spotlight since her birth due to her father’s fame. Aria Ella Thornton is now a celebrity kid who is growing up fast and making a name for herself.

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at all there is to know about Aria Ella Thornton including her biography, age, parents, net worth and more.

Who is Aria Ella Thornton?

Ariana Ella Thornton has gained some fame as the daughter of now-deceased American rapper Young Dolph, but just because he’s no longer here doesn’t mean his unborn child aint.

Born in April 2017, Aria was lucky to have been raised by her devoted mother Mia Jaye and elder brother Tre Tre Thornton who gave her all the necessary support for her holistic upbringing which this ambitious girl will surely use to make something great out of herself someday.

Aria Ella Thornton Education 

Aria Ella Thornton was born in 2007, meaning that she should now be attending high school. Before completing her primary education and graduating from elementary school, Aria Ella attended preschool, or nursery school, where she received the kind of early support needed to succeed later in her academic career.

Since then, she has grown and learned an immense amount, likely ready for any challenge sent her way at the moment. It’s important for any student to get a quality education and have all their educational bases covered – which Aria Ella surely does!

Aria Ella Thornton Career 

Though Aria Ella Thornton is currently too young to have an established career, she is clearly surrounded by success considering the roles of her mother and father.

The late Young Dolph was a much-loved American rapper and musician, while her mother Mia Jaye has made her own mark on the world by founding the fashion brand “The Mon E.O.” Sadly, with the death of Young Dolph it falls to Mia Jaye to provide for both herself and her daughter, but with her impressive record of achievement in business it seems unlikely that either will lack for anything.

Aria Ella Thornton Brother

The life of Aria Ella Thornton changed drastically when her father died due to a sudden stroke. While she had to deal with the emotional pain of losing her father, Aria found solace in the presence of her elder brother, Tre Tre.

Not only did his age befit that of an older brother as he was eight years old one June 20th, 2014 when he was born, but also because Aria shared an inseparable bond with her beloved sibling that went beyond words.

Even at eight years old, Tre Tremade sure their bond will last forever and constantly reminded his sister to stay strong throughout this difficult period in their lives.

Aria Ella Thornton Father

Young Dolph was an American songwriter, rapper and record producer who had earned a following before his death. In the short life he had, Young Dolph managed to make enough of an impact in his hometown of Memphis to have thousands of fans mourn his passing after being shot on November 17th 2021.

Ella’s mother is Mia Jaye and it is believed that she worked closely with him in the music industry. They lived together for many years in Tennessee where Ella was born on July 27th 1985. While it may be known what happened to Young Dolph, the current whereabouts of Mia Jaye remain unknown but we do hope that she is doing well.

Aria Ella Thornton Age

Her birthday is in April, which makes her an Aries by zodiac sign. She is an American citizen by birth who has beautiful black hair and a nice dark brown eye color like her brother, Tre Tre Thornton.

Aria Ella also identifies with the Afro-American ethnic group and has a charming dark skin tone.

Aria Ella Thornton Net worth 

Her influential father, Young Dolph, had an impressive net worth of $3 million at the time of her passing. In a fashion befitting Aria’s life of joy and inspiration, Young Dolph has created several charitable initiatives in her name which aim to provide safety and solace to those affected by tragedies similar to hers. This kind gesture serves as poignant reminder of how deeply Aria will be missed and how she will forever remain in our hearts.

Conclusion on Aria Ella Thornton

Aria Ella Thornton is a celebrity kid who has grown up surrounded by success and love.

At just 15 years old, she’s already accomplished more than most with her educational achievements and close bond with her brother Tre Tre. Though the passing of Young Dolph deeply affected Aria’s life, his charitable initiatives in her name serve as a reminder that he will always be remembered for providing safety and solace to those affected by similar tragedies.

Aria Ella is set to make an impact in whatever career path she chooses – though it may still be several years before we see what kind of mark this young woman makes on the world!

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