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Are David Dobrik and Corinna Dating? What’s Buzzing?


Are David Dobrik and Corinna dating? Well, in the realm of YouTube, networking is key, and no one knows this better than Corinna Kopf. She first stepped into the limelight on one of David Dobrik’s vlogs. Dobrik, as reported by E! News initiated his digital journey on Vine and transitioned to YouTube once Vine shut down. His exploits on YouTube led to him being crowned The Social Media Star of 2019 at the E! People’s Choice Awards, a title justified by his substantial net worth.

Dobrik’s success is astounding, boasting over 18 million YouTube subscribers at the time of writing, and still growing. He is one of the top vloggers on YouTube, a fact that was underscored when he and fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy announced their breakup in a YouTube video.

However, Dobrik’s success is not a solo act. He frequently features his friends in his videos, a group now famously known as the “Vlog Squad”. It is within this squad that Kopf found her niche.

David Dobrik was instrumental in kick-starting Corinna Kopf’s career

The history between Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik goes back quite a bit. In 2019, at Playlist Live, Kopf revealed their backstory. “Most people aren’t aware that David and I knew each other in Chicago, before we even relocated to L.A.”, she stated. She added, “We attended a Jack & Jack concert, and that’s where we first met”. During a 2017 interview with Johnjay Van Es, Kopf highlighted how being featured in Dobrik’s vlogs not only skyrocketed her own career but also benefited all of Dobrik’s friends who appeared on his YouTube channel, thereby birthing the “Vlog Squad”.

So the question still remains the same. Are David Dobrik and Corinna dating? Kopf and Dobrik have managed to maintain a solid friendship, as indicated by their frequent appearances on each other’s Instagram profiles. Kopf’s birthday wish for Dobrik in 2020 was a playful jest about him becoming her sugar daddy, underlining their friendly rapport. The two digital celebrities, who started as friends, have evidently managed to keep their friendship intact.

The Unraveling of David Dobrik’s Relationship with Former Girlfriend Liza Koshy

Hollywood breakups are typically announced in various ways. Some celebrities, like Khloé Kardashian, drop hints about their splits through enigmatic Instagram posts, while others like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hems worth opt for official releases through their publicists. Then there is the joint Instagram post route, famously taken by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. However, for YouTubers like David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, the breakup was revealed through an emotional six-minute video in 2018.

Given their YouTube fame, it only seemed fitting to announce their breakup the same way they announced their relationship. The two had publicly confirmed their relationship in a 2016 video, and they took us on a journey through their relationship, including their painful breakup. David Dobrik referred to his relationship with Liza Koshy as his “Most Proud Achievement”

Throughout their relationship, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik seemed to be the perfect couple. They created numerous videos together and showered praises on each other on social media. Dobrik, in a touching Instagram post in November 2017, called their two-year relationship his “biggest and proudest accomplishment”. He expressed his love for her creativity and thanked her for being his partner and best friend.

On their one-year anniversary in 2016, Koshy posted on Instagram about how happy Dobrik made her and how comfortable she felt around him. Their posts about each other during their relationship were heartwarming.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Announced Their Breakup on YouTube

In June 2018, the couple uploaded a YouTube video titled “we broke up,” which has accumulated more than 59 million views to date. The video was uploaded six months after they broke up, but as David Dobrik mentioned in the video description, they wanted to feel comfortable discussing it.

In the emotionally charged video, Liza Koshy revealed, “David and I aren’t together anymore.” Despite the breakup, they reiterated that they remained best friends. “The only thing that’s different is we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore,” Dobrik said. As it turns out, Koshy broke up with Dobrik. She addressed the need for self-love and drew a parallel with the idea of not being able to spread love without having it within oneself first.

The couple confessed they had drifted apart. “We already felt like we were living separate lives, which sucked, but neither of us were coming to terms with it,” Koshy shared. They kept the news from their friends for three months and the internet for six, so their fans should not feel too bad about being out of the loop.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Remain “Very Close Friends”

Are David Dobrik and Corinna dating? Well, in an interview with Cosmopolitan in October 2019, Liza Koshy confessed that she would not make such a personal video today, but she did not regret it. They wanted to share their truth, although they did not really “owe” an explanation to their fans. She felt the fans deserved to know and decided to share her tough time online.

As they had promised in their video, their friendship has continued. In May 2019, David Dobrik told J-14, “We’re like really, really close friends. Best friends, I guess. That’s the best way to put it.” He also noted that their relationship had not turned awkward, which is a common occurrence with exes.

Sometimes, people are truly better off as friends. This seems to be the case for Koshy and Dobrik, even though their fans were understandably upset when they decided to end their romantic relationship.

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