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Annie Lederman Net Worth – Age, Love Life, & More


If you want to know details about comedian Annie Lederman net worth, you came to the right place. Keep reading to know about her.

Annie Lederman is a renowned comedian and her from is stand-up comic. Her main forte of being a comedian opened many other doors of related professions and opportunities as she is also a podcaster and co-host Trash Tuesday along with Khahlya Kuhn, she writes her own jokes and structure for her stand-up performances and the multitalented Annie is also an actress.

Annie Lederman Personal Life

Annie Lederman is American and was born in the year 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Her parents are Abby and Scotty. She has a twin brother. Annie’s father was employed at the University of Pennsylvania and he performed his duties. Annie’s age is 39 and has a good body structure, her height is 5’11 which is above average height of women in America.

She went to the College of Santa Fe for her bachelors. The initial plan for Annie was to be a Junior Olympic Swimmer which however turned down after her foot injury. However, she started her in-front-of-camera career in the year 2009 and since then she has been performing for her fans and for her happiness.

Annie has struggled with alcoholism during her period of becoming a comedian. It may come across as she has been on top on of her career from start to end but it does have underlying struggle, sweat and unhealthy mental states and habits. Annie has strong nerves and a clear view of what she wants and how she wants, she fought with her habit of alcohol consumption and became sober.

Annie Lederman Professional Life

The start of her career in comedy was in the year 2009. Lederman created the YouTube channel Sausage Party Presents with video artist Abbey Luck in 2011 Between 2012 and 2014, she was a regular panelist on the E! series Chelsea Lately. She kept on going with her comedian career and tried different things and platforms throughout her journey and she never hesitated in taking risks. Find out more about Annie Lederman net worth below.

Annie is a celebrated comedian and she does numerous shows and tickets for those shows are also sold online. Hundreds and thousands of people show up to her shows and her comedy is enjoyed as it is in line with the contemporary issues and standard of jokes.

Annie Lederman Love Life

Annie has not been very open about her love life, although she occasionally cracks jokes about her mysterious boyfriend but fans suspect that her boyfriend is not just a fictional character but a real man whose identity is hidden by her. We suspect that her professional partner is Todd Walker. We can only hope that she lives a happy and healthy life with whoever she likes.

Annie Lederman Acting Career

Annie appeared in short films, documentaries, comedy films and the played voice over as well. In the year 2013, she performed in “Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship”. In the year 2015, she performed in “Knight Birds”. In the year 2018, she performed in “The Long Dumb Road” and “Tasteless”.

Annie Lederman Television Appearances

Annie has a long list of her being appeared on the Television shows. She starred in Money from Strangers, Stand Up and Deliver, We have Issues, Those who cannot, and the comedy store.

Annie Lederman Co-Host of Trash Tuesday

Annie and her girlfriends have a podcast named Trash Tuesday where they co-host and talk on light-hearted topics, they often have their friend guests on the show. The clips are uploaded on the Instagram handle; however, fanatic work is uploaded all over the internet as TikTok, YouTube shorts and Insta reels are the cuts from their podcast.

Annie Lederman Net Worth

Annie Lederman net worth – Annie is a successful comedian and has multiple grounds to earn money. Along with comedy, she sells her merchandised tee shirts, glasses, socks on her website. She has performed on films as well. Social media influencer, huge opportunities of sponsorships at her phone screen.

Annie Lederman Accolades

An artist’s accolades are basically the stages they get to perform on, the huge opportunities that they prevailed. In similar manner, Annie accolades include, her appearance on the MTV series Girl Code. She hosted We Have Issues and Chelsea Lately.

She did the voice over of Cheryl Fawkes in Grand Theft Auto V.

Annie Lederman Website

The celebrated comedian, Annie Lederman has her own website, with a very friendly URL; https://www.annielederman.com/

You can learn about her, watch her videos, shop from her merchandise, support by donating through Patreon, on her website. It is basically a web application for her viewers and fans. 

Annie Lederman Social Media Accounts

Annie Lederman Facebook account is @AnnieLederman with a number of 13K followers, her Facebook has the blue tick of verification.

Annie Lederman Instagram account is @annielederman with a number of 274K followers, her Instagram has the blue tick of verification.

Annie Lederman Twitter handle is @annielederman with a number of 11.4K followers, her Twitter has the blue tick of verification.

Annie Lederman YouTube channel is @annielederman with a number of 35.6K subscribers.

Her comic videos on YouTube are posted on Laugh Society and some other fan-based channels. Her supposedly TikTok Handle has 16K followers but we are not sure if it is her original account as it has not received blue tick yet.

Annie Lederman and The World-Famous Comedy Store

Annie performs at a paid regular store, where she does improvisational. The gigs and jokes are structured and delivered in line with the vibe that has already been going on. Also now you’ve got the idea about Annie Lederman net worth.

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