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Annabella Stoermer Coleman – Zendaya’s Sibling Sister


An individual also gets to share the limelight with their siblings if they happened to be a celebrity, especially in Hollywood. The aforesaid trend has always been there as fans who adored a certain personality will always want to know more about a celebrity’s life, especially about their family members.

Ever since an American singer and actress Zendaya stepped into Hollywood, her family members have caught the unwanted attention of society. While Zendaya’s information is all available on Wikipedia, fans have been snooping around to know more about the other step-sister of Zendaya‘s Annabella Stoermer Coleman. Read on ahead as we uncover the details of Annabella Stoermer.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman

Annabella Stoermer is the third daughter of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. However, Claire is her stepmother of Annabella, inferring that Annabella was born in a previous marriage.

Annabella has two sisters named Katianna Stoermer Coleman & Kaylee and two brothers (Austin & Julien) and one step-sister Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.  Regardless of having a stepmother and step-sister, Annabella Stoermer never had any disputes; on the contrary, the family has a close bond and respect for each other. In other words, Annabella treats her step-family members as if they are her own.

Annabella spent most of her childhood in her father’s old home in Oakland, California where her grandmother took care of her and her five siblings.

Kazembe Ajamu was the former gym instructor for the school before becoming manager and bodyguard of the Zendaya Maree Coleman. Like her Husband, Claire was also an elementary school teacher for Fruitvale Elementary school where she taught for twenty years. After retiring from teaching, Claire has established her own jewelry business “Kizzmet Jewelry” which specializes in selling homemade jewelry.

Because of Claire’s nature of the profession, inevitably Annabelle paid close attention to her education. After the completion of her school, she got admitted to well reputable university for further studies.

Annabella Coleman’s personal measurements

At present, Annabella is 167 cm tall which is 5 feet and 5 inches. She is shorter compared to Zendaya who is currently 179 cm tall.

Unlike Zendaya, Annabella doesn’t have any social media account, preferring to keep her life private. However, Zendaya did make a brief statement about her half-sister during her interview with Vogue where she stated that Annabella is married to a man named Thompson and has been blessed with two daughters.

Annabelle’s bond with Zendaya

Even as stepsisters, Annabella and Zendaya are quite close to each other. Zendaya herself has mentioned that her elder sisters including Annabella have influenced her a lot in shaping her personality.

Some Random facts about Annabella Stoermer

1) Her favorite sports are Baton twirling and Snowboarding
2) Her favorite hobbies are solving jigsaw puzzles and knitting.

Zendaya’s Singing Career

When Zendaya entered the entertainment industry, she made sure to make good use of her talents. Not only does Zendaya have a talent for exceptional acting only, but also turns out she has an incredible gift for singing as well.

Being multi-talented can provide numerous benefits for celebrities as it increases their chances of being hired by well-renowned entertainment and film corporations.

It appeared no surprise that Zendaya got a major role in Disney Channel’s sitcom “Shake It up”. For this audition, Zendaya choose to perform on Michael Jackson’s “Leave me Alone”, which left the employers impressed with her performance.

Before showcasing her singing and dancing skills in a sitcom, Zendaya had also performed her version of Katy Perry’s “Hot & Cold” for the Kidz Bpop in 2009. During her tenure in Shake it Up; Zendaya along with her co-star Bella throne gave a dual performance for the song “Watch Me”, which ranked 86 on Billboard Hot 100.

In late 2012, Zendaya took her singing skills to next level. After her performance in “Watch me” in “Shake it Up, she got a profitable signing contract from Hollywood Records where she began working towards releasing her new album.

On 17th September 2013, Hollywood Records released a new album named “ZENDAYA” which consisted of total of twelve songs. The album had the combination of different genres of songs, which were dubstep, urban pop and R&B; with main theme focusing on love and heartbreak.

Since its release, it has earned positive appraisals from music critics. The album sold a total of 7000 copies within the first week and was ranked in 51st position on US Billboard 200.

Among these twelve songs, her lead song “Replay” was the immense success, as it became the most played song in charts, reaching the 40th ranking at the US Billboard 100 across whole America, Australia and New Zealand. For the promotion of her album, Zendaya went on ahead with tour labeled as “Swag it out tour”, in which she performed her singles at various music festivals in States fairs. Furthermore, she performed her singles in several television shows as well.

In the same year before the release of album, Zendaya became the contestant in American dancing television series “Dancing with the Stars” where she was partnered with Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Regardless of having high scores, Zendaya was placed in runner-ups in final stage of dancing tournament.

With spectacular singles released by adored pop singers and actresses, fans were anticipating for next album by Zendaya. Though Zendaya did shifted from Hollywood Records to Republic Records, but second album never took place despite the announcements made by timberland producer through social media post.

Zendaya Left Music Industry

After a while, Zendaya made an official announcement informing that she has left music industry for two reasons. First, she stated that it was bad contract that discouraged her to continue this path.

Second, she started to value her privacy in a way that acting allows a person to hide behind the character façade that is being played; on the other hand music artist doesn’t have this type of anonymity.

Yet this wasn’t the end, as two years later, Zendaya together with her male co-star Zac Efron performed for the soundtrack of the film The Greatest Showman named “Rewrite the Stars”. In addition to this, she also gave performances in two more songs “Come Alive” and “The Greatest Show” in this aforementioned film.

Recently, Zendaya collaborated with the English singer Labrinth to compose songs for HBO popular teen drama series “Euphoria”. Up till now she has wrote and performed two songs namely “All of Us” and “I’m Tired”.

The second song “I’m Tired” received a warm reception after the brief hiatus. Zendaya thanked her followers by writing a heartwarming message on her Twitter account.

There is no news that whether Zendaya will make a comeback in the music industry as the actress herself will be the cast and the producer of the new television Challengers.      

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