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Angel Reese Net Worth, Assets, Salary & More


What is Angel Reese Net Worth? You know who’s been catching our eye lately? Angel Reese! This young star has been really making her mark in the basketball world, playing as a forward for Louisiana State University (LSU). And guess what? She’s just in her early 20s! It’s no wonder that her net worth has got people talking. Wondering where all her income’s coming from? Stick around as we delve into the deets of her career earnings and more. It’s quite the story!

How old is Angel Reese?

Did you know Angel Reese is all of 21 years old? That’s right! She was born on the 6th of May, 2002 in a place called Randallstown in Maryland. From a young age, she had a knack for basketball and now she’s making quite a name for herself in the college league. She is, without a doubt, one of the top earners in college basketball today.

Who are Angel Reese’s parents?

You know, Angel Reese comes from a family that’s pretty sports-crazy. Her mom, Angel Webb, used to have quite the career in professional basketball, playing for UMBC and then moving on to Luxembourg. And she didn’t stop there – she passed her love for the game right onto Angel. Now, her dad, Michael, is another story. Not just into basketball, he actually was a pro wrestler before he made it on the court with Boston College and Loyola. Oh, and let’s not forget about Angel’s little brother, Julian. The kid’s already playing basketball at Maryland University and showing some serious promise.


Angel’s journey through education, especially in sports, is truly remarkable. She started out at St. Francis Academy in Baltimore, and boy, did she make her mark there! She was the star of the school’s team, leading them to three championships and two conference titles. Her game stats were impressive too, averaging 18 points and 20 rebounds. After St. Francis, she followed in her mum’s footsteps and went on to study at UMBC. She had high hopes that the school would be a stepping stone to her professional career. But as luck would have it, she had to sit out all the games in her freshman year because of a fractured right foot. Things started looking up in her sophomore year, but she decided to transfer to LSU, where she’s studying now.


Angel Reese made a significant impact right from the start of her college career, scoring an average of 18 points per game in her sophomore year. Excelling in the roles of a small forward and power forward, her career boasted numerous noteworthy achievements. She was recognized as the second top player in her 2020 high school class, and her exceptional leadership led the UMBC team to the Sweet 16 in the 2022 March Madness tournament. As a junior, Angel broke the record by averaging 23 points and 15.4 rebounds per game – a feat no other women’s player had achieved in over 15 seasons. In 2022, she deservedly won a place in the Big Ten All-Defensive team, and a year later, she was honored with the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player of the Year award.

The Financial Journey of Angel Reese

Angel Reese, 21, embarked on her financial journey when she entered college in 2020 and began playing competitive sports. Like other collegiates, her income sources include her on-field performance and various contracts. An average college player earns around $34,802 per year, as reported by sportsmanor.com. However, the specifics of Angel Reese’s annual earnings remain undisclosed.

Angel Reese Net Worth

Based on information, it’s estimated that Angel Reese Net Worth stands around $1.3 million. This wealth primarily comes from her professional endeavors and collaborations with various brands.

Endorsement Deals of Angel Reese

To supplement their income, many collegiate athletes engage in numerous NIL partnerships. As one of the top ten highest-earning college athletes, Reese reportedly pulls in over $1 million. Her financial worth experienced a significant boost after ushering the LSU Tigers to their inaugural championship victory. She’s inked deals with high-profile brands including Sports Illustrated, Calvin Klein, and Outback Steakhouse.

Angel Reese’s New Mercedes-Benz

On May 2, 2023, Angel Reese excitedly shared a glimpse of her latest acquisition on Twitter – a luxurious Mercedes-Benz valued at $126,000. This significant purchase comes as part of her recent collaboration with Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, as revealed in this report.

Angel Reese’s Visit to the Presidential Residence

In May 2023, Angel Reese and her fellow team members were honored with a visit to the White House, hosted by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. This special event was a celebration of the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team’s victorious 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season. Read more about their visit.

Angel Reese’s Digital Presence

At the tender age of 21, Angel’s online persona has captivated a hefty audience, with her ostentatious lifestyle taking center stage. Her Instagram has amassed a following of 2.5 million as of August 24, 2023, while her Twitter handle enjoys the attention of 375,000 followers.

Angel Reese Making Waves in Recent Headlines

Angel’s impressive feats have not only gained her a sizeable digital audience but have also resulted in numerous media features. During a conversation on the Big Man Podcast, basketball giant Shaquille O’Neal hailed her as potentially the most exceptional athlete that LSU sports has ever produced.

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