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Who is Angel Dugard? Daughter of an American author Jaycee Dugard


About Angel Dugard’s mother Jaycee Lee Dugard

Jaycee Lee Dugard, an American author known for her tragic life experiences which lead her to get public’s interest as she describes the immensely unfortunate series of events happened in her life.

She as an 11-year-old girl got missing from her own neighborhood at a street while walking to take a school bus, she went missing afterwards with no accurate leads over her missing periods and she was rediscovered after more than eighteen years in 2009.

It was reported that the kidnapers were a couple named Philip and Nancy Garrido who captivated Angel Joycee in a shack in the backyard of the abusers for over eighteen years and in her captivity period, she was impregnated by her kidnaper and abductor Philip and was made to give birth twice. Jaycee Lee Dugard had two biological daughters which she gave birth to when she was 14-year-old, and the next child was delivered when she was 17-year-old.

The daughters were made to believe that Philip was their father, Nancy Garrido was their mother and Jaycee Lee Dugard was their elder sister. The offenders kept brainwashing Jaycee Lee Dugard into believing that she does not need to escape. It was also suspected that Jaycee Lee Dugard may have experienced Stockholm Syndrome. 

Jaycee Lee Dugard Rescued

Eventually she was rescued by security officers at a local college where Philip was supposed to speak on a mental illness but in between the events, the university’s special events manager noticed his suspicious behavior and contacted the campus police.

Philip was a convicted sex offender and received 13 sexual assault chargers and was sentenced a lifetime in prison while Nancy received charges of aiding and abetting sexual assault and was sentenced 36 years in prison.

Jaycee Lee Dugard received $20 Million from a victim-compensation fund. Ever since she has been living a private life with her daughters and trying to adapt to this major change in their lives. She now tried to avoid getting in public eye and tries to make it peacefully with her personal life. 

Jaycee Lee Dugard Assaulter and Rapist

Philip was never a decent person even before the Dugard case. He had a very disgusting criminal record of being a sex offender. Before the case, it was reported that he had served 15 years in prison under the charges of harassment.

The revolting history makes the world hate him. He reportedly abducted his ex-wife after she threatened to leave him. Another disgusting case was filed where she raped women for 8 hours in a rented storage container. His existence gave all the reasons for people’s satisfaction on his lifetime in prison and people also quote him as a riddance from the society. 

During the Dugard’s case, his wife named Nancy Garrido helped him throughout in every way. She abetted him by all means, and brainwashed Dugard into believing that the life she is living is a normal life and she won’t end up anywhere even if she thinks of escaping.

Angel Dugard; Eldest daughter of Jaycee Lee Dugard

Angel Dugard was given birth while her mother was in captivity at the age of fourteen. Initially she was made to believe that her biological mother was her elder sister but eventually the adapted to the nature of their actual relation and Angel Dugard started to address Dugard as her mother.

She had a challenging childhood as she was growing with a physically and mentally abused mother. Angel never got a chance to attend school formally instead she was homeschooled by her mother. Even after going through her formative years and gaining attention due to her mother’s tragic story, she still faces the after-trauma effects.

Angel Dugard equation with her biological father

Even though it is very unfortunate to have a biological father was a sex assaulter your mother but the fact that the two sisters Angel Dugard and Starlet Dugard were too young to understand the dynamics of their connection to their father justifies their attachment towards Philip. They were emotionally inclined to him for a long time. 

Jaycee Lee Dugard’s understandable discomfort with the thought of her daughters’ attachment towards Philip. She also thinks that her daughters are sensible enough to understand what is right and what is wrong for them.  

Angel Dugard Younger Sister; Starlet Dugard

Angel Dugard had an only sister named Starlet Dugard who was also born as the result of a rape. Starlet was born when her mother was only seventeen. 

Starlet was also brought up in the same chaotic environment as Angel. Therefore, they both have this strong connection based on a sympathetic and empathetic emotion. As per the reports, the sisters are currently studying at the University of |California. 

Angel Dugard’s Mother’s Memoir

Jaycee Lee Dugard after being rescued and being in the right mental state to analyze her past and all the events that made her the way she is now and the mental state she was in, decided to show the world her firsthand perspective and insight of her life spent in captivity and the unfortunate rape and abduction.

She wrote a book named A Stolen Life. It got the right attention and people showed grief for her bad times and wished her power for her future. She even appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, who herself as a rape victim. Jaycee Lee Dugard dedicated this book to her daughters.

The memoir made a lot of people feel many emotions. The people were furious and hating the offenders for taking away someone’s life to mold it into your orders and doing the worst with a small girl. They felt sympathetic for Jaycee Lee Dugard and her daughters. The government then gave them a compensation relief for them to start a new life by themselves. 

Angel Dugard Present Life

After being mentioned in the media of many sorts, for the tragic start of a life, Angel Dugard is now a person most people want to know about. Her tragic life and traumas made her went through counseling to overcome the traumas she underwent along with her mother and sister.

As per the reports, she is currently leading a happy life and trying to stay low-key. She is also a student, and she only has upwards to grow. 

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