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Andrea Bock – Ty Pennington Long Time Girlfriend


Any person who works for notable film industry such as Hollywood is bound to get famous as long they have talent and have casted in many films throughout their career. Because of their attention demanding career, inevitably their close family members especially spouses also come to share the limelight as well.

The chances of this experience are high when a couple has a history of close relationship before one of them enters the spotlight profession which includes either becoming movie star or TV star. So the person who become famous due to their partner’s career and whom we will be covering in this article is Andrea Bock.

Andrea Bock is the fiancée of the Ty Pennington who is well known host of reality TV show “Extreme Makeover”. Without waiting any further, let’s move ahead about what we know about this celebrity’s partner.

Background of Andrea Bock

Andrea Bock was born on 19th October 1964 in Atlanta, America. Since Andrea Bock hasn’t revealed her identity of her parents or her family, we don’t have any information regarding her early life and her family history. However sources tell us that she had a passion for pursing her career as an actress ever since she was young.

Andrea Bock completed her high school education from Sprayberry High School. After completing her college, she got enrolled in Kennesaw State University for higher studies. However within the span of freshman year, Andrea changed her majors and ended up graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with bachelor degree of Theater Arts and Design.

Personal measurements of Andrea Bock

At present, Andrea Bock is 57 years old. Her height is 170 cm, which makes her 5ft and 7 inches tall. According to her birth date, her zodiac sign is Libra.

How Andrea met Ty Pennington

Even though her primary interest in career was to become an actress but Andrea ended up working with off-camera crew. Her career began to grow when she started working for “Trading Spaces”; it was the same show in which Ty Pennington was working in.

Here Andrea was hired as assistant to Ty Pennington, where she was in charge of management and supervising, so that everything runs smoothly and according to the schedule when show was aired.

Her nature of job as a crew member allowed Andrea to earn extensive knowledge about film industry. With time passed by, Andrea was promoted from assistant to managerial position. In the midst of this, working together with Ty Pennington as her manager led both of them to developed feelings for each other and get involved in intimate relationship; since then they have become officially favorite couple on TV industry.

Despite being in a relationship for twenty years, the couple still hasn’t tied the knot. The reason behind is this, both Andrea and Ty believed that you don’t need a marriage to show that your love is true for each other. Currently couple has no children yet.

Andrea Bock’s Boyfriend Ty Pennington

Now that we have shared some details of Andrea Bock, how about we glimpse on Ty Pennington life? After all, it was because of him that Andrea Bock came into spotlight.

Ty Pennington is a famous American Television host and designer. Before working as television host, he was former model and prominent actor as well. Previously Ty was known was Gary Tygert Burton. But during his childhood, his parents got separated.

For many years, he and his older brother Wynn were raised by single mother, Yvonne Vickery before she remarried. Her second husband adopted both boys, hence giving them a new family name Pennington.

The struggle during his childhood years forced Ty Pennington to take early responsibility. While kids around his age played in playground, Ty was learning carpentry and woodworking from his father. Like Andrea, Ty also did his high schooling from Sprayberry High School.

However he did his bachelor’s in Art and history from Kennesaw State University. Despite learning woodworking, Ty Pennington was no longer interested in pursuing a career in carpentry. Having discovered his passion towards Graphic Designing, Ty Pennington attended Art Institute of Atlanta, where he completed his bachelor’s in Graphic Design.

While still a university student, Ty Pennington was approached and hired as model for well-known multinational corporations consisting of Levi’s, Macy’s, Bayer and Diet Coke. His job as a model allowed Ty to explore and travel around the world including Japan, Germany, Italy, Thailand and Canada. His skills in carpentry opened doors for Ty towards acting career.

He got his major breakthrough when he was casted for reality television program, Trading Spaces. Since the main plotline of this show was to renovate rooms; having skills in carpentry, Ty Pennington was immediately given a role of carpenter. The show was extreme hit, inevitably making Ty fan favorite, especially among ladies.

His chiseled looks and charisma earned him large number of fans around the globe. It was in this very show that Ty Pennington fell in love with Andrea Bock.

Later in 2003, Ty Pennington signed a contract with ABC for new reality TV show known as “Extreme Makeover” in which families who were going through crises were taken care of by having their homes renovate according to their requirements.

Again this show received immense positive reviews, thus making Ty Pennington among the well-known celebrities. After the show ended on ninth season on 2012, Ty is presently working as host for another reality TV show “Rock The Block”

Andrea Bock Net Worth

Although we don’t know her main source of earning, but having worked behind the scenes and being the fiancée of the celebrity has soared Andrea Bock’s net worth to the somewhere around $ 10 million. While her boyfriend, Ty has amassed net worth of whopping $ 12 million, which he accumulated from the years of working as host and several other occupations.

Current Relationship With Ty Pennington

During their period as a couple, Ty Pennington did cheat on Andrea Bock when he was found having an affair with a stripper. In addition to this, Ty was also arrested for driving under influence. The combination of both these events left Andrea heartbroken, which eventually led couple to part ways.

Despite reconciling, the relationship didn’t last long and couple actually did break up on good terms in 2009. However they are still in contact with each other as great friends.

Some Fun Facts about Andrea Bock

1) Andrea Bock became famous personality after she started seeing Ty Pennington.

2) Her favorite season is summer and her favorite travelling destination is Miami.

3) During her free time, Andrea loves reading books. “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” and “Where
the Crawdads” are her much loved novels.

4) She is animal lover and has kept German Spitz as a pet.

5) Bruce Willis, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hanks are her favorite actors/actress.

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