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Ana Cheri And Ben Moreland


Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland are like a power duo in the fitness scene, rocking amazing bodies, successful careers, and huge followings on social media. They’ve really left a mark in the fitness world, motivating tons of folks to live healthier lives. Let’s dig into their story and uncover five cool facts about this awesome pair.

1. Ana Cheri’s Rise to Stardom:

Ana Cheri, born on May 16, 1986, in Anaheim, California, kicked off her career as a model and gained fame for her gorgeous looks and engaging personality. She’s been on the covers of big magazines like Playboy, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated. Ana’s rise to stardom was fueled by her huge Instagram following, where she shares fitness advice, workout tips, and peeks into her life.

2. Ben Moreland’s Fitness Empire:

Ben Moreland isn’t just Ana Cheri’s husband; he’s a super successful fitness entrepreneur, too! As the founder and CEO of Live Fit Apparel, a top-notch supplement company, Ben’s know-how in fitness and nutrition has helped him create a fitness empire. He’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and has become a well-respected name in the fitness industry.

3. Advocating for Body Positivity:

Ana and Ben really champion body positivity and self-love. They’re all about celebrating different body shapes and sizes, highlighting that a healthy lifestyle matters more than fitting into beauty norms. On social media, they motivate followers to love their bodies, pursue fitness goals, and prioritize inner strength and happiness.

4. Philanthropic Endeavors:

Ana and Ben, besides killing it in their careers, are big on giving back. They’re all about using their influence to support causes close to their hearts, like animal rights, cancer research, and mental health. It’s not just about fitness for them; they genuinely want to make a difference and help others.

5. Balancing Career and Family Life:

Despite their packed schedules, Ana and Ben make family a top priority. They adore their daughter Amra, lovingly nicknamed “Mini Cheri.” Sharing sweet family moments on social media shows their dedication to fostering a warm and supportive family bond.

Now, let’s tackle a few typical questions about Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland:

1. How did Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland meet?
Ana and Ben hit it off when they met through friends at a party. They started dating, fell in love, and got married in 2011.

2. How did Ana Cheri become famous on Instagram?
Ana’s Instagram fame took off when she began posting about fitness, sharing workout routines, healthy recipes, and motivational content.

3. What is Live Fit Apparel?
Live Fit Apparel is all about fitness gear and supplements, started up by Ben Moreland. They’ve got a bunch of top-notch stuff to boost your game and keep you living healthy.

4. How do Ana and Ben maintain their physiques?
Both Ana and Ben stick to a solid fitness routine with weightlifting, cardio, and a balanced diet. They’re all about staying consistent and dedicated on their fitness path.

5. How do Ana and Ben inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Ana and Ben use their social media to share their fitness journeys, give workout tips, and send out motivational messages, inspiring followers to focus on their health and well-being.

6. What is Ana Cheri’s net worth?
In 2021, Ana Cheri is rocking a net worth of about $3.57 million, mainly from her awesome modeling gigs and social media game.

7. How do Ana and Ben juggle their careers and family life?
Ana and Ben focus on good time management and open communication to juggle their work and family life. They make it a point to enjoy quality family time and support each other’s career goals.

8. How do Ana and Ben handle negativity and criticism on social media?
Ana and Ben have really toughened up over the years and prefer not to get caught up in negativity. They’re all about sharing positivity and motivating their followers instead.

9. What are some of Ana Cheri’s fitness achievements?
Ana Cheri has hit some big goals in her fitness journey, like taking the WBFF Pro Bikini Championship and partnering up with Shredz Supplements as a sponsored athlete.

10. What is Ana Cheri’s workout routine?
Ana mixes different workout styles in her routine like weightlifting, HIIT workouts, and yoga. She stresses how crucial it is to find a routine that suits your goals and what you enjoy.

11. Are Ana and Ben planning to expand their family?
Currently, Ana and Ben haven’t shared any news about growing their family. They’re concentrating on their careers and making the most of their time with their daughter.

12. How do Ana and Ben stay motivated?
Ana and Ben keep their drive by setting goals, being around like-minded people, and always pushing themselves to get better. They also count on their followers’ support and encouragement to stay motivated.

13. Can anyone achieve a physique like Ana and Ben’s?
Ana and Ben are all about believing that anyone can rock a healthy and fit physique with dedication, consistency, and a positive mindset. They’re all about progress over perfection and cheering you on in your fitness journey!

14. What is Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland’s message to their followers?
Ana and Ben want their followers to focus on health, self-love, and personal growth. They urge everyone to love their bodies, set goals, and strive to be their best selves physically and mentally.


Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland have really made a mark in the fitness scene, motivating tons of people to live healthier lives. Their focus on fitness, body positivity, and giving back distinguishes them as a power duo, making a lasting impact on followers globally.

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