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Kelly Ronahan Story Explained – What Happened to Her?


Kelly Ronahan story, narrative is profoundly distressing. Her journey from a healthy woman with aspirations of returning to her passion, ballet, to a fragile individual requiring amputation for survival is mostly unveiled on Tiktok today, while some have been witness to her distressing transition.

The inability to diagnose her condition only added to the misery of her deteriorating health. Stringing from one ambiguous ailment to another gave rise to rumors of attention-seeking behavior. An odd internet gossip hinted that Kelly purposely injected fecal matter into her legs to initiate sepsis. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of Kelly Ronahan’s unnerving story.

Kelly became known for relying on weekly blood transfusions due to an uncommon blood disorder

Kelly Ronahan story came into the limelight in 2014 when she started requiring regular blood transfusions due to an unidentified and rare blood disorder leading to a continual drop in her hemoglobin count.

By the spring of 2016, she had received 95 liters of blood. Kelly explained to Global News that without the transfusions, she risked organ failure and potential death within a month or six weeks. Despite these measures, her health continued to worsen, preventing her from resuming her work as a ballet instructor.

The online community rallied around Kelly’s story, offering supportive messages each time she posted an update. Ronahan became part of a blood donation group to encourage others to donate blood. In mid-2016, Ronahan was hospitalized for seizures. However, she was discharged after doctors concluded that she was simulating these seizures. Despite this, support for Kelly did not wane, with several blood drives being organized in her honor throughout 2016.

Her appearance on local news further affirmed the belief that Kelly was genuinely suffering and needed assistance to survive. In the early part of 2017, an infection in Kelly’s port led to sepsis. She also confessed to struggling with exercise obsession and eating disorders. She further admitted to self-harm prior to falling ill. However, the scars she displayed did not seem to be three years old.

Another infection in Ronahan’s port required her to be under medical surveillance for three weeks. Just before her scheduled discharge, she developed seizures and a rash. In April 2017, Kelly had to go to the hospital for a separate issue, leading to a blood test.

The test showed a normal hemoglobin count, which led to rumors that she had been pretending to have a rare blood disorder for attention. Kelly denied these rumors by alleging that the doctor was plotting against her.

The onset of Ronahan’s enigmatic leg condition was in 2018, escalating swiftly over the next few months

Kelly Ronahan story attributed her blood disorder to multiple sclerosis (MS) and uterine fibroids, yet lacked concrete medical proof for her claims. She was convinced that a hysterectomy would solve her fibroid problem.

By 2018, skepticism grew about the authenticity of Kelly’s condition. In April 2018, her medical port was professionally removed, as blood transfusions were no longer required.

Just a month later, Kelly reported unexplained swelling and blisters on her feet. Despite her attempts to pick at them, the blisters only enlarged. Although she insisted on the need for painkillers due to severe discomfort, healthcare professionals refrained from prescribing any.

Kelly’s health continued to deteriorate throughout 2018, with her scabs evolving into larger wounds. The situation complexified when she began having seizures and her hands started blistering. With her leg wounds becoming more conspicuous, medical practitioners grew concerned about potential circulatory and nerve complications. Regrettably, the adverse social media attention added a layer of psychological stress to her condition.

As her health worsened, the images she shared on her social media became increasingly disturbing. She announced to her followers that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In 2019, her condition seemed to stabilize after undergoing skin grafts.

In early April 2019, she shared her joy at completing her first walk in months. Kelly expressed:

“Post-walk, the intensity was overwhelming, having been immobilized by my legs for an extended period. I’m truly relishing the aches today, having spent an eternity in a pit of despair. My mind is fraught with fears of relapse, or the prospect of waking up to decomposed legs. But for now, I’m just glad to be mobile again.”

Kelly’s Legs Were Amputated in May 2021 Following Self-inflicted Graft Damage

Kelly had to return to the hospital a few weeks after sharing a hopeful post on Instagram, as she had disrupted the healing process of her leg wounds. Admitted for three days, the doctors did their best to salvage her legs.

Despite having several specialists examine her case, Kelly’s condition remained undiagnosed. Over time, she began to lose sensation in her legs and ankles, and her wounds did not heal due to their extensive size and her continuous interference with the healing process.

Ultimately, the doctors advised amputation. At this point, she had already lost one toe. Kelly shared an update after the surgery, expressing her determination to start physiotherapy just hours later, despite the severe pain. She admitted to being emotionally overwhelmed and devastated, shedding tears multiple times a day. As expected, her social media activity dwindled following her operation.

She had previously voiced her plans to acquire prosthetics and is likely to keep her followers informed about her journey. There have been allegations against Ronahan of feigning illnesses for attention – a phenomenon not uncommon in the online world, though few take it to the lengths of actual amputation. While it’s not our place to make judgments about Kelly’s situation, we sincerely hope she will overcome her distress and find happiness moving forward.

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