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Amy Ferson – American journalist Who Was T.J. Holmes’s First Wife


Amy Ferson is an American journalist and the ex-wife of T.J Holmes, a well-known national television personality.

The couple was married in 2007 after being together for several years and had two children together. While working as an anchor and correspondent for CNN, Holmes attained his first level of national notoriety.

However, Amy remains very private about her life since their split, with no new information released regarding her current lifestyle or if she has remarried.

Early Life & Childhood

Although Amy has been relatively private about her early life and childhood, it is believed that she was born in the late 1970s in the United States. Her heritage is mixed, with her parents hailing from both American and Zambian backgrounds.

Sadly, at just three years old, Amy’s parents separated. Growing up in Washington state, she went on to become a successful political consultant and journalist. Despite her success in these professions, much of her personal life has remained private throughout the years.


Despite her refusal to disclose details about her education, Ferson is admired highly for what she has achieved over the years. She is a successful author who has penned dozens of books, prepared interactive workshops on various topics, and participated in various charitable events across the country.

Moreover, her personal knowledge and experience are the key elements of her success; many believe that they were sharpened during her college days while taking courses at Kennesaw State University.

Though her educational institution remains a mystery only she can confirm, it is undeniable that she underwent some intense training and development while she was a student there.

Amy Ferson Height

Amy Ferson is a stunning woman who not only looks good but also has a compassionate heart. At first glance, one can easily conclude that she must be tall with an impressive figure to match her beauty.

Her height is measured to be 5 ft and 6 inches which is ideal for her slender frame. Although her exact weight remains unknown, by looking at her body measurements, it is speculated that Amy’s weight should be somewhere between 50 kg to 55 kg.

The Short Lived Marriage Of Amy Ferson

T.J Holmes and Amy Ferson wed sometime in the early 2000s, though it is unclear exactly when. However, their marriage was short lived, with reports of their having difficulties in the relationship that they were unable to resolve.

Culdesac and rumors aside, they were blessed with two children: Brianna and Jaiden Holmes. With an estimated marriage date of early 2000s, their children could now be in their late teens or early twenties.

This reunion of an open family speaks volumes to the love each parent still has for each other despite a divorce years ago.

Who Is Amy’s Ex-Husband, T.J. Holmes?

T.J. Holmes is a well-known journalist who rose to fame while working for CNN as an anchor and correspondent for five years until he decided to move on and sign with BET in 2011.

After several years, he moved onto ABC News Good Morning America where he is currently an anchor and correspondent, as well as other media outlets such as MSNBC, TheBlaze TV, and Fox.

During his time at CNN, Holmes was a freelance correspondent holding the position of weekend anchor for MSNBC in December 2012. While hosting duties on Way Too Early from 2015 – 2016, he also served as news anchor for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV show before co-hosting his segment on Fox when Beck went out on his Unelectable tour.

Holmes has built up an impressive career and continues to be successful today in the world of journalism.

Did Amy Ferson Remarry?

Amy Ferson had married once and afterwards went through a difficult divorce. Since then, the speculation about her marital status has been up in the air.

There has been news that she was spotted with a few different people over the years, but nothing has been confirmed. Her private life remains mysterious and to this day, it is still uncertain whether Amy Ferson remarried or not.

This highly sought after information seems to be destined to remain a mystery for now.

Amy Ferson Net Worth 

Amy Ferson’s exact net worth is not known, but many speculate that it is between $500,000 and $1 million – a likely result of her popularity and association with T.J. Holmes.

Despite being a celebrity figure, Amy prefers to keep the specifics of her wealth private and away from public knowledge. It’s possible that she has accumulated an impressive amount of wealth over the years given her career prospects, though this is simply speculation for now.

Final Verdict

As the former first wife of renowned American writer T.J. Holmes, Amy Ferson gained considerable social media celebrity status in the United States; however, after her divorce, she chose to step away from the spotlight and has become something of a mystery.

Although various sources have speculated that she relocated to Webb City, Missouri following her divorce, there is no exact confirmation as to where Amy currently resides or what she is up to career wise.

With that being said, only time will tell us if any new information regarding Amy will surface and offer us a clearer final verdict about Amy’s present-day life.

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