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Amra Nor Jenkins – Know About Fourth Daughter Of Jezzy Jenkins


Amra Nor Jenkins is the fourth and youngest daughter of American rapper Jezzy Jenkins. Amra, who was born in 2020 to Mahlet Gebregiorgis, has two older brothers (Jadarius and Shyheim) as well as a half-sister named Monaco, born in 2022.

She is an adorable little girl with an endearing personality that has won her many fans around the world. In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at Amra’s life; from her age to her siblings, parents and more! So if you’re curious about the fourth daughter of Jezzy Jenkins, then keep reading!

Amra Nor Jenkins – Father Jeezy Jenkins Net Worth

Jeezy, born as Jay Wayne Jenkins on September 28, 1977, is an iconic American rapper, songwriter, and actor who was associated with Def Jam Recordings since 2004. His major label debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 the following year; selling 172,000 copies in its first week and being certified platinum.

He has revolutionized trap music together with T.I and Gucci Mane by introducing it to the mainstream circuit. Jeezy has a current net worth of $10 million, but is known for his philanthropic efforts – he opened his home after Hurricane Katrina struck to provide a safe haven for victims.

Jadarius Jenkins – first son of Jeezy


Jadarius Jenkins is the first son of the famous rapper Jeezy and Tenesha Dykes.

Along with being his father’s offspring, he’s making a name for himself as an up-and-coming rapper known by his stage name Lil’ Jezzy. He’s garnered attention for possessing a keen ear for music, as well as having an eye for fashion trends.

After graduating from Georgia’s Riverwood Academy in 2019, he is determined to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in order to fulfill his own dreams of launching a fashion line of his own.

Recognizing his ambition and determination, Jeezy celebrated Jadarius on his 18th birthday with the gift of a customized Wrangler Jeep, befitting both father and son’s love for cars.

Shyheim Jenkins – Second son of Jeezy


Although Shyheim Jenkins – the second son of Jeezy – is in the public eye to some degree, not a lot about him is known. Unlike his older brother, Jadarius Jenkins who has an active presence on social media, Shyheim chooses to remain out of the limelight and keep a low profile.

In fact, his mother’s identity is not even known as publicly as his father’s, which definitely adds to the air of mystery surrounding him. Despite being in the shadows compared to his father and older brother, Shyheim shares many of their talents by exploring music in a very similar style.

Amra Nor Jenkins – Daughter of Jeezy

Young Amra was born in February 2014 and is 8 years old as on 2022. Her mother,Mahlet Gebregiorgis, better known as Mahi, is a musician.

Amra’s mother prefers to keep her out of the spotlight, and Mahi is known to have a bitter equation with Jeezy. He does, however, get along well with his only child.

Jeezy Jenkins and wife Jeannie Mai’s daughter Monaco


Jeezy Jenkins and Jeannie Mai Jenkins were overjoyed to add a new member of the family – baby Monaco – who arrived earlier this year in January, soon after they tied the knot in 2021.

Following the excitement of their bundle’s debut, Jeannie let their fans in on the news by sharing a sweet post on Instagram. Not only is Monaco Jeannie and Jeezy’s first child together, she also has an older half-sister Amra Nor Jenkins who will no doubt make a great companion for Monaco on her many adventures to come.

Mother Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin

Mother Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin is an extraordinary woman, who is now best known for being the ex-fiance of American rapper Jeezy, but she has achieved a great deal in her own right. The singer belongs to Ethiopia ethnicity and goes by the stage name “Mahi” professionally.

She released her debut album Freedom in 2018, which resonated with many international listeners and showcased her powerful vocals. Mahi has opened up for Nas at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in 2019 and has also collaborated with DJ Snake on the track “Enzo,” making sure her voice leaves an indelible imprint on music lovers all around the world.


Jeezy Jenkins is a legendary rapper who has revolutionized trap music and has achieved great success throughout his career.

He also shows his generous heart through philanthropic efforts, such as opening up his home to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Jeezy’s four children are all unique individuals with their own ambitions in life – Amra Nor Jenkins (8 years old), Jadarius Jenkins (18 years old), Shyheim Jenkins (unknown age) and Monaco Jeannie Mai Jenkins (newborn).

Each one of them have different mothers, but they share the same father – the famous American rapper Jeezy. Mahlet Gebregiorgis or “Mahi” is an amazing woman whose powerful vocals can be found on her album Freedom released in 2018.

With this blog post we hope that you learned more about Amra Nor Jenkins background story and gained insight into how much effort it takes for successful artists like Jeezy to make sure that everyone around him succeeds too!

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