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Alpo Martinez Wife – Who Is She?


Who is Alpo Martinez Wife? Well, Alpo Martinez is one of the most infamous figures in American drug lord history, thanks to his activities during the 1990s in New York City.

Despite numerous reports and articles about his life and crimes, there is still one question that remains unanswered: who was Alpo Martinez’ wife?

In this article, we will explore what little information is known about Alpo’s mysterious spouse and try to uncover her true identity.

Who Was Alpo Martinez?

This 14-year old quickly rose to become one of the youngest drug kings in New York’s notorious criminal underworld.

Soon Alpo began to gain notoriety in the streets and even gained a father-like status amongst his peers. In addition to residing in Manhattan, he later moved to Morris Avenue, Bronx with his wife, Tino.

It was here where his killing spree started which included many gangsters like Rich Porter, Lenny Taylor and Kenneth Borders who dealt drugs that were competing against Alpo’s.

This ultimately earned him a fearsome reputation and helped him to become one of New York’s most powerful drug lords for two decades in the 1980s and 1990s.

Despite all this fame, many don’t know about his story – from street competitior turned kingpin of the criminal underworld!

Alpo Martinez Wife

While Alpo Martinez’ life has almost been an open book for all to read and inform themselves about, his wife remains a mystery.

Despite searching for any identifying information about potential spouses or family, nothing has surfaced.

In fact, all that remains are rumors from neighbors who claim they have seen different ladies accompanying Alpo over the years during his time under witness protection.

These visits could have been from girlfriends, escorts, or maybe even more than one wife – if a wife does indeed exist.

The only thing that can be determined is that occasionally children stayed over at Alpo’s place – possibly giving evidence to any relationships he might have had in secret.

Until there is further proof of this larger family dynamic, however, Alpo’s marital status remains unknown and unconfirmed.

Who Was Alpo Martinez’ Daughter?

Many have speculated that Alpo Martinez had a daughter. While it could never be confirmed, some claim that Alpo had a son named Randy who eventually entered the crime world and named himself “Popparazzi”.

Although it has no factual ground to be certified, it’s almost certain that Alpo didn’t have a daughter.


Alpo Martinez has been convicted of a number of serious offences including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and various drug charges.

His criminal activity extended further than just the streets of Harlem, but included killing business partners and friends as well.

His 35-year prison sentence was commuted to 15 in 2015 when Alpo’s cooperation with the US Government resulted in his enrollment into their witness protection program.

This change also allowed Alpo’s wife to travel extensively with her husband, which was something she never thought would have been possible after news of his conviction broke.

Although Alpo is no longer living a life of luxury highlighted by his former drug kingpin status, his second life gives him a chance to see much more than anyone anticipated.

How Did Alpo Die?

Alpo was trying to restart his life and start a new chapter in New York, unbeknownst to anyone outside of the federal agents who provided him with his alias.

His dreams were cut short when he was shot by a drive-by shooting when riding his motorcycle late at night.

His unfortunate passing has left behind a mystery that confounds both the family of Alpo Martinez and senior law enforcers alike – was this a case of revenge?

His wife speculates that perhaps someone in their former circles learnt of his identity and took matters into their own hands, yet the senior law enforcers strongly deny this, claiming there has been no breach of confidential information linking him to his new alias.

Whether this was indeed an act of vengeance or not is a question that remains unanswered.


Alpo Martinez was a notorious figure in the drug world, ultimately leading to his own untimely death.

While we know little about him and his life, one detail that remains shrouded in mystery is the identity of any immediate family he may have left behind.

In all likelihood, if any exists, Alpo took great pains to conceal this information for fear that they would face repercussions due to his former life of crime or time spent as an informant–a “rat” regarded with deep suspicion by drug cartels.

Since these suspicions are not unfounded and can very easily result in serious danger to innocent lives, it goes without saying that publicizing their names on the internet should not be considered lightly.

Judging from our research into Alpo’s life and death, no such profiling has ever been done, so it is likely that he was successful at protecting any family he had–regardless if they exist or not.

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