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Allie Rae, Ex-Nurse Discusses Stigma and Leaving Medicine for Only Fans


The platform known as Only Fans has become a profitable venture for many, despite its fair share of controversy. Recently, former Massachusetts nurse Allie Rae shared her experience of resigning from her position after colleagues discovered her only Fans account. Rae suggests that negative stereotypes of people involved in sex work or only Fans ended her nursing career, even though she had completely embraced her role.

Our coverage of the upheaval brought by the popularity of OnlyFans continues with this narrative. Rae is not alone in facing harsh criticism, as several models including Tiffany Poindexter, a mother from California, and Karley Stokes, a model from Florida, have also suffered backlash. Even popular influencers like Gabbie Hanna faced criticism for their pricing or content on the platform.

Despite these challenges, only Fans remains a lucrative platform, so much so that Rae willingly left her cherished nursing career. She didn’t require the extra income, as she was earning more on only Fans than in her nursing role. However, becoming known solely as “the girl who does OnlyFans” deeply affected her. This is her story and the price she paid professionally due to only Fans.

Who is Allie Rae?

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the popular OnlyFans model, keeping her real identity a secret, introduced herself as Allie Rae. She had always envisioned a future in nursing. Her life’s journey, however, was far from simple. She served the US Navy as a yeoman at the age of 17 and started a family soon after. After witnessing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, she left the navy in 2006 and ventured into marketing before settling into a nursing school.

Rae eventually found her calling in a renowned Massachusetts hospital’s delivery unit. However, the long hours began to take a toll on her physically and mentally, leading her to social media as an outlet. She began posting revealing photos on Instagram and The Chive, which eventually led to her colleagues reporting her, creating an uncomfortable work environment for her. Despite this, she didn’t face any official warning as she used a pseudonym and didn’t associate the hospital on her profile.

OnlyFans and Rae’s Decision to Leave Nursing

Rae joined OnlyFans in September 2020, a decision influenced by her Instagram followers. She found the income from OnlyFans surpassing her nursing salary, making the decision easier to shift careers. Her husband lent his support and even participated in some of her OnlyFans content. However, this newfound success was short-lived as her colleagues discovered her OnlyFans account in March 2021, leading to more profound consequences.

Rae recalls a distressing incident where her co-workers subscribed and paid for her OnlyFans account, solely for the purpose of screenshotting it and presenting it to her manager. This forced her into a situation akin to adult bullying. As the pressure increased, involving even the director, she was presented an ultimatum – either close her OnlyFans account or leave her job. This didn’t sit well with her and she made the choice to exit her position at the hospital. This decision, however, proved to be financially beneficial, as she now reportedly generates between $65,000 and $75,000 per month from her OnlyFans. Despite this, she clarified, “Even though it’s now my full-time job, it’s not about commodifying myself online. It’s about having fun and being ourselves.”

Rae’s departure from the hospital was followed by a relocation to Florida with her family. Had she remained in her previous position, she could have earned her doctorate in nursing. Still, she appreciates the positives this change brought her. She celebrates the fact that she can now spend more time with her children, making them breakfast and being present for dinner every day – experiences she couldn’t afford during her 14-hour nursing shifts. Despite these advantages, she confesses she misses the sense of purpose that nursing gave her.

From Nursing to OnlyFans Stardom: The Multi-Million Dollar Transition of Allie Rae

Allie Rae, a 34-year-old former nurse, had to abandon her day job when her employers discovered her less than conventional side hustle. Now, she proudly showcases her opulent lifestyle on the internet.

The mother of three frequently flaunts her luxurious home, her stylish Porsche and nonchalantly talks about her financial freedom, where money worries are a thing of the past.

Originally from Massachusetts, but now residing in Florida, Allie has invested most heavily in her $2 million residence and is even contemplating an upgrade.

Despite her career shift from nursing to modelling, she earns an impressive $75,000 a month and insists on budgeting and spending her income judiciously.

Allie’s transition from a neonatal ICU nurse to an OnlyFans star was initiated when she was faced with an ultimatum by her employers – to erase her online presence or resign. Rather than hide, she chose to embrace her alter ego and leveraged her platform to revel in the luxury she now affords. It appears that her detractors inadvertently did her a favour, as Allie’s income and spending have skyrocketed.

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