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Alla Subbotina – How Did ‘Love After Lockup’ Star Die?


“YOLO”, sounds familiar? You must have seen these words printed in various places such as posters, T-shirts, bags and badges. If you have seen them but still don’t know what this acronym stands for, then here’s your answer “You Only Live Once”.

Now this exclamation has two entirely different meanings. The first meaning says that people should worry less and make most of the present moment since their lives are fleeting with each breath they take. On the other hand, the second meaning encourages people to do excitable things, even if they seem dangerous and reckless at first glance.

By comparing these two different interpretations, we can point out that both of these meanings are putting emphasis on one crucial theme which is, Life is precious, cherish it and experience it.  However, it is easier said than done because life is very in contrast to what we are taught at school. Due to this contrast, at times human beings end up making grave mistakes which leads them towards ruining their remaining life, especially the convicts.

Though some of the crimes committed by these convicts are irredeemable that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance to rebuild their lives for the better only if they are willing to; after all, they are also human beings like us. Because of society’s best interest is at stake, there are many rehabilitation programs that are helping these convicts in rebuilding their lives.

Recently an American reality TV show has been broadcasted known as “Love After Lockup”, in which real-life convicts are given the opportunity to resettle by meeting and reconciling with their partners or potential soul mates after their immediate release.

Some convicts were successful when given second chance, unfortunately, we cannot say the same for others like last year in the month of August, one of the convicts names Alla Subbotina lost her life due to a drug overdose. Her death left many fans saddened as she was a fan favorite. Let us continue this article with the details that explore who was Alla Subbotina? How did she end up like this?

Who was Alla Subbotina?

Alia Subbotina was the former cast member of the American reality show “Love After Lockup”. Due to the non-availability of information in regards to her early life, we do not have any details about the date of her birth, her past education, or her nationality. Even so, we succeeded in uncovering the identity of her parents who are Yelena Subbotina and Dmitriy Subbotina. 

Reasons behind the arrest of Alla Subbotina

When she was just nineteen years old, Alla Subbotina found herself behind the bars for selling heroin. Because of this offensive act, Alla was arrested and given a five-year sentence. However, this wasn’t the only crime that she was found guilty of since the old records revealed that Alla was already facing two criminal charges for robbery and disorderly conduct.

From her past criminal records, we were able to connect the pieces of the puzzle that how Alla get arrested in the first place. Turns out, Alla, along with her two accomplices, one police informant, and an undercover cop who was pretending to be the informant’s brother were driving towards Milwaukee.

Upon reaching there, the group made the purchase of eight foil packets of heroin for two hundred dollars; each of the packets weighed approximately one-tenth of the gram. After this purchase, the group was back on road heading towards the hometown of Alla, Mequon. It was during this road trip that their car was pulled over by cops. The cops did the inspection and found the drugs; as a result, Alla was arrested on the spot, then and there. The aforementioned list shows the list of offenses that Alla has committed in her past days:

1) Burglary
2) Manufacturing and transportation of the heroin
3) Possession of Narcotics
4) Bail-Jumping Felony
5) Forgery-Uttering

Her Debut in “Love After Lockup”

In 2018, We TV released a new reality television show by the name of “Love After Lockup”. In this show, after serving their lockup period, the inmates were released and were reunited with their spouses/partners to begin a new chapter in their shared intimate connection.

As you have guessed, all the convicts who have committed all kinds were crimes were cast in this show. Among this cast, Alla Subbotina made her debut in season one of “Love After Lockup”. While serving her sentence for selling heroin, Alla made a friend named James Cristia through prison pen pal service. The constant exchange of letters and daily meetings brought Alla and James close together. Within the span of season one, both of them become romantically involved.

After finishing her sentence, Alla was released and started her new life with James Cristia in Chicago. However, things started going downhill for Alla. Since she struggled with addiction, inevitably Alla relapsed and was found consuming drugs again. To treat her addition, Alla was eventually sent to a rehabilitation facility. During her rehab time, James supported Alla until she fully recovered.

Unfortunately, the happy ending did not last long, as Alla resume the use of drugs and was arrested again as cast in the season finale. The second arrest resulted in the couple going in their separate ways. While Alla was imprisoned, James started a relationship with his new girlfriend, Chelsea. But a few months later, James broke up with Chelsea and start seeing Alla again. In fact, he announced on his own Instagram account that he and Alla have reconciled and are seeing each other.

Alla Subbotina Death

Fate has other things planned because one month after her release, Alla was found dead on 8th August 2021. The cause of her death was overdosage of drugs. Her death was announced by her mother, Yelena Subbotina through her Facebook Account where she wrote the following words for her beloved daughter

“Addiction is the ugly disease and my daughter has been battling it for many years, Rest in peace, my forever daughter. We love you Allochka, and will always remember you, forever”.

After her mother confirmed her death, many fans expressed their love and devastation for their beloved star on social media platforms. Alla died at the age of thirty-one.   

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