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Alisa Gore – Lives of Alisa and Bethany after their Mother


The murderer, Candy Montgomery, a close family friend, left Bethany and Alisa Gore, who were unintentionally involved in their mother’s death in 1980, alone. Candy visited Betty Gore’s home to collect a swimsuit for Alisa but ended up murdering Betty, leaving the 1-year-old Bethany alone in her crib.

Lester Gayler, a local resident, recounted the chilling discovery of baby Bethany to The Dallas Morning News. “We made our way to the bathroom, switching on lights as we went,” Gayler recalled. “A little baby in a crib raised its head and started crying. It had been left alone all day, without any food.”

Alisa Gore Life in Kansas with her Family

Following Betty’s murder, the children’s father, Allan Gore, lost custody of Bethany and Alisa. Betty’s parents in Betty’s hometown, Norwich, Kansas, raised them. Alisa, after finishing her high school education in Norwich, pursued accounting studies at Kansas State University. She currently resides in Kansas with her husband, Jonn Harder and their two sons, Sam and Jacob.

Although it is not clear how close they are, Alisa and Allan sporadically connect through Facebook, and the sisters have him as a contact on their social media.

Bethany Gore’s Career as a Teacher and her Family

Bethany, following her graduation from Wichita State University, chose to honor her mother’s legacy by stepping into the teaching profession. She is now an assistant principal at Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas. She and her husband, Chad Mickey, are parents to three children. Their first daughter, Josie, was born on Betty’s birthday in 2013. They named their second child Betty as a tribute to Bethany’s late mother. Their third child, a son named Henry, was born at the end of 2019.

Betty’s Family’s Discontent with the Production of Shows Based on her Murder

The family of Betty Gore was upset with the court’s decision to acquit Candy Montgomery. Betty’s brother, Richard Pomeroy, voiced his dissatisfaction in a 2022 interview with Oxygen’s “Snapped”, saying, “I don’t think justice was served. I believe it was a murder.” Alisa and Bethany share their uncle’s sentiments.

With the development of HBO and Hulu shows centered around Betty’s murder, the family expressed their unwillingness to revisit the haunting memories. They shared their confusion over the sudden interest in leveraging their tragedy for entertainment purposes. They claim that Hulu and HBO Max did not consult them prior to production, causing them to relive a horrific part of their past.

A family member anonymously voiced their frustration: “It’s incredibly annoying and definitely stressful. It’s upsetting that even a simple scroll through the Hulu menu confronts me with an intrusive image of ‘Candy.'”

Whether or not the production companies before the start of the shows approached Bethany and Alisa remains uncertain.

Current State of Betty and Allan Gore’s Offspring

The forthcoming series ‘Candy’ by Hulu and ‘Love & Death’ on HBO Max are set to examine in detail the tragic circumstances of Betty Gore’s demise in 1980. The narrative not only revisits the possibility of her being pregnant for a third time but also highlights the fact that her baby was present at the crime scene where Betty was brutally murdered — subjected to 41 blows — supposedly by Candace “Candy” Montgomery. If you are curious about the children, she left behind, their experiences following the tragedy, and their lives today, read on.

Who Are the Children of Betty Gore?

Betty Gore, after marrying Allan Gore in January 1970, was blessed with two daughters, Alisa and Bethany (referred to as Christina and Valerie in Hulu’s rendition). Despite struggling with severe postpartum depression after Bethany’s birth in July 1979, Betty strived to juggle her roles as a dedicated wife, mother, and schoolteacher effectively. Nobody could foresee that this stress would eventually culminate in her getting involved in a fatal clash with Candy, her husband’s ex-lover, with baby Bethany in her crib at the time.

Fortunately, 11-month-old Bethany was unscathed, but was left alone for approximately 13 hours until neighbors, at Allan’s request, entered the house when he was unable to contact Betty. As recorded by The Dallas Morning News in 2021, one of the first responders at the crime scene described the baby’s state: “A little old baby raised its head up out of the crib… It began to cry. It’d been there all day, hadn’t been fed or nothing.” Alisa, on the other hand, had spent the night at Candy Montgomery’s house with her daughter, as she had the night before.

Where Are the Children of Betty Gore Now?

After Allan Gore remarried custody of Alisa and Bethany was awarded to his deceased wife’s parents, resulting in the girls growing up in Norwich, Kansas, their mother’s hometown. Reports suggest that the girls distanced themselves from their father after moving, but their social media interactions hint at a cordial relationship. Allan’s comments on their public Facebook posts over the years confirm the absence of any bitterness between them.

Regarding their current life, Alisa (now known as Lisa) pursued her higher education at Kansas State University after graduating from Norwich High, while Bethany enrolled at Wichita State University. Lisa, having secured a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, gradually progressed from an Accounting Manager to a Business Controller in the oil and energy sector in Newton, Kansas.

Bethany, on the other side, seems to have emulated her mother’s profession and is currently an Assistant Principal at Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both sisters are now married with children. Lisa is happily settled with Jonn Harder, with whom she runs a pig farm and raises their two sons, Sam and Jacob. Bethany has a fulfilling life with Chad Mickey and their three children — daughters Josie and Betty, along with son Henry.

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