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Alienware vs MSI – Which is the best gaming laptop? [2022]


Alienware vs MSI – which is best gaming laptop in 2022? Find our this exciting information in this article.

Alienware and MSI are the top companies to take into consideration if you are looking for the best gaming PC on the market right now. The two companies are at the top of the list for making robust gaming laptops and desktops that deliver top performance, are quick, and support the newest titles. To make sure you choose the finest option for your requirements and price range, it would be best to have a thorough understanding of the two gaming companies. To help you choose the best gaming computer, we compare the features and specs offered by MSI and Alienware, taking into account things like price, displays, performance, and design. Let us get started without saying more.

Alienware vs MSI: facts

• Micro-Star International (MSI) is an information technology company with its headquarters in Taiwan, and Alienware is a series of laptops and desktop computers produced by Dell.

• MSI gaming laptops typically use IPS displays, whilst Alienware gaming laptops frequently have TN displays.

• Alienware gaming laptops has one-year warranty, while MSI offers a two-year warranty by default.

 • MSI gaming computers have the best battery life, which can last up to 6 hours on a single charge, in contrast to Alien ware’s battery life, which lasts for 3 hours on a single charge. Both protections are extendable.

What is the difference?

Premium gaming laptop brands MSI and Alienware are both known for hiding top-notch specifications under their exteriors. They are better suited for certain user types due to a few significant changes, though.


Performance of Alienware & MSI

A perfect gaming PC should have top performance so you can play graphically intensive games successfully. Important characteristics including graphics power, CPU power, memory capacity, refresh rates, and screen resolution should be checked. In general, Alienware and MSI have excellent performance to play contemporary games without stuttering, generating visual artefacts, or causing graphical errors. Both provide a wide range of models with various

Performance levels to meet all of your gaming needs.

Although MSI is less priced, Alienware has been praised as having the top performance. The m16 R6 is one of its most affordable variants and comes equipped with an Intel core i7 11800H processor that can be overclocked to 4.6GHz for the optimum gaming experience. The Alienware x17, which has an 8-core Intel Core i9 11980HK processor that can be increased to 5.0GHz, is the most expensive option. In addition to the potent Intel chip, it can be overclocked to boost its power in watts so that graphically demanding games can run smoothly.


Display of Alienware and MSI

Although MSI and Alienware have excellent displays, they are not the same. While MSI gaming laptops often have IPS panels, Alienware gaming laptops typically have TN displays. The TN display from Alienware is built to have a quick response time, making it appropriate for playing games with lots of graphics. However, MSI’s IPS panels offer a wider color gamut and improved viewing angles for a clearer gaming experience.

Design of Alienware and MSI

If you are looking for a gaming laptop with a distinctive and stylish design, MSI gaming laptops are the ideal choice. They typically feature red elements mixed in with a matte black finish. Additionally, MSI laptops are more portable than Alienware gaming computers because they are lighter and thinner. Although Alienware frequently creates ruggedized laptops, they are reliable and effective in harsh environments. The keyboard of Alienware gaming laptops is illuminated when in use by programmable LEDs. The LEDs can be modified by either turning them off or altering their hue to your preference.


Asus gaming laptops are made to be durable, have a strong body, and have a silhouette that is meant to resemble a stealth fighter. These laptops were specially designed to provide the finest gaming experience possible. People used to complain that Asus gaming laptops produced too much heat. This problem has been solved by a thermal design that makes use of sophisticated technologies to ensure that surplus heat is evacuated from the laptop’s back.

The monitor and keyboard are two components of a gaming laptop that are crucial. To combat this, Asus developed a monitor with outstanding images, a variety of screen sizes, and anti-glare panels that lessen eyestrain. The keyboard features a backlight and was made to be durable enough to withstand pressing the keys repeatedly.

MSI produces standard laptops. Their fame comes from their gaming laptops, though. They have high standards for providing gamers with the best experience because gaming is their main emphasis. The features they provide, such as their unique cooler boost technology, serve as evidence of this. You can play games for a while thanks to this technology.

They have generation Intel core processors in some of their most recent models. They have dual GeForce graphics and solid-state drivers. The Cherry MX speed switch is yet another characteristic that is advantageous to gamers. Users are now able to click the keys quickly thanks to this.

Alienware laptop

Today’s laptop makers are able to produce highly powerful devices that can play the newest games on maximum settings, so the stigma associated with gaming laptops is long gone.


Alienware Design

Alienware produces some of the most attractive laptops on the market; in recent years, they may have even surpassed themselves in terms of design.

One of the first companies to market the bright, glossy keyboard that is now found in almost all gaming laptops was Alienware. These laptops have the distinctive appearance that the majority of gamers seek when the dark, metallic design is combined with it. Also undeniable is the coolness of the alien logo.

While violating the black and shiny convention, Alienware has also recently produced some stunning white laptops that seem upscale and exquisite.

Alienware Build Quality & Hardware

All Alienware laptops are well built and durable, possibly to the point where they add a little weight.

The latest models are primarily made of magnesium alloy, while some parts are made of plastic (like the bezels around the screen). Alienware is one of the lines with the highest build quality in comparison to the rest of Dell’s product line. Given that the XPS range is almost entirely made of metal, you might be tempted to give it the top spot in this category, but since Alienware laptops are so much larger, it would not make sense to construct them entirely out of aluminum.

Alienware Display

The most popular display series from Alienware are its 15″, 17″, and 18″ series. However, you have a variety of screen sizes and resolutions to pick from even within each display size. For instance, the new Alienware x17 provides four different 1920 x 1080 FHD options in addition to four UHD ones (3840 x 2160).

Other models have stunning OLED displays with excellent contrast ratios, much like the m15 OLED from 2019 does, especially in gloomy environments.

Different models also have different bezels, with some aiming to make the screen as wide as possible. Others have relatively large bezels, which reduces the screen (like the m15 OLED stated above).

Alienware Performance

You will discover that Alienware has a large selection of laptops that, in terms of performance, fall into many categories. The brand also offers some potent GeForce RTX GPUs as well as both Intel and AMD processors.


Alienware Durability

Given their high-quality construction and components, Alienware laptops are robust. The company recently unveiled what they call Element 31, an industry-leading and encapsulated gallium-silicone thermal material that is meant to extend the life of your laptop and allow you to game longer without experiencing overheating problems. It offers a 25% boost in thermal resistance, according to the Dell website. alienware vs msi

Alienware Battery Life

You cannot expect remarkable results because gaming laptops are not exactly designed for long battery life and mobility. Even for a gaming laptop, Alienware does have several models that fall short in this area. For instance, the m15 R3’s battery life is infamously poor. The m15 R4’s replacement, on the other hand, can operate for twice as long on a single charge.

Depending on the model, battery life will vary, but it is safe to say that Alienware addressed some of these concerns with earlier models. alienware vs msi

Alienware Customer Service & Warranty

A standard one-year warranty is included with Alienware hardware purchased in the US or Canada. On Dell’s website, it is simple to verify the status of your warranty. In-home visits – and 24 hours service is also included although this is likely more relevant to desktop users. Overall, there is nothing to complain about with how Alienware handles their warranty and support.

Alienware Price

Although Alienware offers a wide range of devices, they are typically regarded as an expensive laptop brand. When shopping for a gaming laptop; a certain premium is to be expected, although some brands provide entry-level computers at a reasonable cost. Even Alien ware’s entry-level laptop, the m15 R6, is currently listed on their website for close to $1,400.Alienware products are rarely enough if you are seeking for a cheap gaming computer. alienware vs msi

Alienware vs MSI vs Razer

These days, ASUS, Razer, and Alienware are the three main rivals in the gaming laptop market. As you could expect, each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Price for Performance

Let us start with the most fundamental concept: cost versus performance. Despite having a reputation for being pricey, ASUS gaming laptops are among the most cost-effective solutions available for PCs with comparable specifications. alienware vs msi

However, some consumers could be willing to spend more for a well-known brand (such as Razer), especially if they already possess their peripherals and want to connect them to their software (e.g. Razer Synapse).

The TUF F15, which costs around $800, is the cheapest gaming laptop offered by ASUS at the time. Given the pricing of Razer and Alienware, which we will address later, that price for a gaming laptop is quite astounding. You will need a ROG model, though, to directly compare laptops with comparable specifications. Overall, ASUS is the brand to choose if you want to receive the most value for your money.

Gamers like Alienware computers because of their numerous features. Although they are not as pricey as Razer is, Alienware laptops nevertheless have a significant drawback in that they are frequently among the most expensive gaming laptop brands available. alienware vs msi


A base model Alienware laptop can be purchased for roughly $1200, but if you want something more powerful, be prepared to pay over $2,000 for it. However, if you want additional RAM, a faster processor, or a more powerful graphics card, there are many alternative versions that are readily accessible. Just be aware that the cost will be high! alienware vs msi

The most expensive brand on this list is Razer. If you read the post from last month about Razer peripherals, you already know how pricey everything they offer is on average. The “Razer tax,” as I like to refer to it! Your options are essentially nonexistent if you are searching for a “budget” gaming laptop, with the least expensive one starting at around $1500. On Black Friday, perhaps you can get one for $1,000. alienware vs msi

The usual cost is between $2500 and $4000. Do not get me wrong, they make machines that are all-around incredibly powerful, so if you can afford one, purchase one. They can maintain low temperatures while gaming at the same time. Compared to ASUS and Alienware, which may Razer laptops will hover around the 80-85 °C range.

Design – Build Quality

It is understood that Alienware gaming laptops have a distinctive appearance. Additionally, the entire firm is skilled at producing appealing goods. Although aluminum and magnesium are often used in their construction, plastic is also sometimes used. alienware vs msi

The most intriguing information is that Alienware produces three different models of laptops alongside Razer. The X-14, 15, and 17 are larger versions of the same thing, for example. This distinguishes these two brands in a special way. Nobody else truly accomplishes this, if you consider the competition, which consists of Lenovo, Acer, and MSI. alienware vs msi

When compared to a Razer or ASUS comparable, an Alienware laptop will stand out immediately for its size. This is because they left a sizable section (which resembles an extension) in the back specifically for installing some of the thermal parts, such as heat pipes, heatsinks, and more. It is just a more sensible way to deal with the heat. alienware vs msi

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