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Alberta Dornan – Daughter of Jamie Dornan


Alberta Maeve Dornan is the youngest daughter of Jamie Dornan and his beautiful wife Amelia Warner. The couple has 3 daughters together and Alberta Dornan is the youngest one in family.

The hollywood couple is quite discreet about their family life, they choose to stay grounded and keep their daughters away from any spotlight.

When asked how does Jamie Dornan’s wife deals with all the popularity and adulation he receives after his work and movies in hollywood

the actor said something like this

 “I think its because of our life choices that we are protected from  such things, we built a home  in middle of nowhere.. country side, we wanna raise our kids that way too, neither of us is on social media” Jamie Dornan further added “Thats the funny thing about fame, you can choose to tweet here and there, be seen in that party that show or you can not let any of that affect you. Thats the kind of choice me and milly (his wife, Amelia) made collectively. She hasn’t even seen any of my movies, which is going to remain that way.”

we have a pretty good idea now that Jamie Dornan, as handsome as he is, likes to remain behind the curtain, away from all the unnecessary fame. Which is justified, don’t you think? I mean being a public personality doesn’t mean you have to let all the public attention suck up your intimate, sweet family life. Somethings are precious, and should be kept in utmost protection.

Anyway.. Coming back to Alberta Dornan

news about her birth was disclosed by Amelia Warner in an absolutely cutest way. On British Mother’s Day, she posted a picture of three pairs of kids’ shoes on her Instagram, sharing the message that she was going to be a proud mom of three charming and strong girls.

Alberta Dornan was born on 17 February 2019. At present, Ablerta dornan’s age is 3 years old. Like her two elder sisters, Alberta is also a british by birth, born in London, England.

Alberta Dornan’s Family

Alberta is the daughter of her father, Jamie Dornan whereas her mother is Amelia Warner, A musician and former actress . Moreover, she has two elder sisters named Dulcie Dornan and Elva Dornan.

That is her immediate family. Alberta Dornan’s Paternal grandfather was a highly regarded gynecologist and OBGYN, Jim Dornan. Her paternal grandmother was a nurse and an artist, she liked to paint and draw. She has two great aunts (Jamie Dornan’s sisters) Jessica Dornan and Liesa Dornan.

Her maternal grandparents, Anette Ekblom and Alun lewis are both english actors.

Alberta Dornan’s Nationality

Talking about her nationality, Dornan holds a British identity but her ethnicity is Irish, British, Swedish, Welsh.

Alberta Dornan was lucky enough to have his dad around her after her birth despite his busy schedule.

When Alberta Dornan’s elder sisters came into this world, Jamie Dornan was only present at the moment of birth, but had to immediately fly back to his shoots for fifty shades grey and darker. Which is definitely unfortunate. However at the time of Alberta’s birth, Jamie had time to stay with her daughter and wife for a few months after delivery. The actor made sure that this time he stays with his family.

Alberta Dornan Siblings

She has two elder sisters, Dulcie Dornan and Elva Dornan. The only photographs you will see of these beautiful sisters are the ones that are taken by media. Otherwise there are no pictures shared by their parents. However, recently Jamie Dornan, posed a video on his instagram, in the video he was singing a song and Alberta Dornan’s two elder sisters were telling him to “shush” in the background.

Even though Jamie posts once in a blue moon about his family, on this post he turned off the comment option for the public.

Jamie Dornan Net Worth

Jamie Dornan, is believed to have a net worth of $14 million, His main source of income and riches comes from his work as an actor, musician, and model.

Jamie Dornan is insecure about his looks?!

If you have seen him, you probably would be as much as shocked as we were when we heard the actor say “among my insecurities, I am insecure about my face, that’s why I like keeping a beard, to hide as much as I can”

In his interview with kelly clarkson, Kelly complimented his beard look and asked why did he decide to keep a beard? To which fifty shades of grey actor, explained that the reason he keeps a beard is because he is insecure about how his face looks. Unbelievable.

Amelia Warner, Jamie Dornan’s wife hasn’t seen any of the fifty shades movies.

Yes, it’s true. Jamie Dornan has explained countless times to people that his wife hasn’t watched any of the fifty shades movie. And unsurprisingly, the actor wants to keep it that way. Well, that’s understandable.

“theres plenty of sex in those movies, i just don’t understand why would anyone want to see their husband simulating sex with someone else for 40 minutes in a movie thats 1 1/2 hour long”

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner

The couple met each other in a LA house party. Jamie Dornan had always fancied Amelia, but had never really met her before. In that party their energies matched. 2 years later Jamie Dornan Proposed Amelia and couple got engaged in 2012.

After a year, on April 26, 2013, the couple got married. They had a very intimate wedding ceremony. Only close friends and relatives were invited. They’ve been together for ten years and are still going strong. Amelia Warner had already been married to someone else. In 2002 she married an  Irish Colin Farrell without an legal documentation. Despite the fact that their marriage was not legal they lived together for four months and then parted their ways. The reason, however is still unknown.

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