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Airpods In Washing Machine


Thanks to their wireless designs, Air pods give users an immersive audio experience as well as comfort and mobility.

However, there are a few minor glitches with Air Pods, and most of them are user-related. Many Air Pod users unintentionally forget to remove their Air Pods from their clothing before placing it in the laundry.

However, would Air Pods hold up after being washed in a washing machine? We will talk about why the answer is not definitive in this article.

We will also look into any possible expedient fixes for your Air Pods once they have been washed.


There is a strong possibility you can save your Air Pods if you unintentionally wash them in the washing machine. Air pods can withstand a trip through the washer if they do not stay wet for too long because they are made to be waterproof and splash proof.

Shaking your Air Pods to remove any extra water, drying them with a microfiber towel, and letting them soak in a straightforward drying solution are the two safest ways to fix them.

Additionally, Apple Air Pods can be added to Apple Care for affordable repair options.


The most crucial step in repairing your Air Pods after they have been through the washer is too rapidly yet naturally dry them.

Shaking wet Air Pods around will cause any extra water droplets to immediately come off. This is the first thing one should do after discovering wet Air Pods. After shaking them, customers can use a soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry all accessible parts of their Air Pods.

After the extra water has been drained, a few locations or substances will hasten the drying process without harming the Air Pods’ electronics.

Methods you can use to repair your Air Pods:

Air Dry

The first step to hastening the repair of your Air Pods is to leave them in dry, moisture-free locations. In places where there is a natural draught, such as a windowsill, wet Air Pods will dry more quickly. Air pods can be placed in the sun to hasten the drying process; however, this is not advised in hot climes or for extended periods.

Silica Gel

If a person has ever opened an electrical product, they should be familiar with silica gel. In the packaging of an item, silica gel is typically contained in a little paper package and used to absorb extra moisture during transportation. To help extract moisture naturally, users can put their Air Pods and unpackaged silica gel buds in a small container.

Trying the Rice Grain Hack

The rice grain trick might have appeared in other troubleshooting manuals for wet gadgets. Why? Because the hack might be successful. The process involves placing the Air Pods that became wet in the washing machine in a dish of rice. After a few hours, the accessories might dry successfully. That is not always the case, though. The grain’s powdered material might be stuck in the Air Pods’ tiny cracks and cause more harm. Therefore, it is best to avoid the hack.

It turns out that this long-debated approach has a fair bit of plausibility. Many Air Pod owners have reported that after spending the night in a bowl of dry rice, their wet Air Pods were able to function as intended. The aforementioned alternatives should still be tried before attempting to use rice.

Air pods pro in washing machine

The playback and mobility capabilities of Air Pod Pros are the same as those of standard Air Pods, but with a few extra perks. Air pod pros can endure unexpectedly long periods of time underwater and in more extreme weather. Due to their increased toughness, Air Pod professionals can withstand a few washings before suffering any significant damage.

It should be noted that Air pod Pros may gradually develop water wear and may eventually lose their additional protective characteristics with time and regular use.

How to Dry Your Air Pods Pro?

Your Air Pods Pro may still work if they become wet. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to quickly dry the Air Pods Pro. After that, place them somewhere safe to dry. Depending on how wet they were, it can take them a day or more to completely dry out. Keep the lid open and store the case upside down to ensure quick drying.

Before using your Air Pods again or storing them in their charging case, Apple suggests that they be completely dry. Wet Air Pods could further deteriorate a charging case, so avoid doing so. Put off putting your Air Pods in the case for at least 12 hours. Check to see if they have dried all the way, before the time runs out, as it could take the pods longer to dry in a cooler environment.

Airpods In Washing Machine Without Case

For Air Pods that end up in the washing machine, Air pod cases are frequently a savior. The purpose of Air Pod cases is to protect the Air Pods from water exposure while keeping them sealed and waterproof.

Users of these cases can optionally connect a clip to their clothing or to secure areas of their person storage, such as a nightstand lamp. When purchasing Air Pods, Air Pod cases can be purchased as an additional add-on for a reasonable price.

 If your Air Pods have been in the laundry, it is crucial to treat their cases with the same level of care as your actual Air Pods. The charging components in the case will be secure thanks to these safety measures.

Accidentally placed my air pods in the washer

Oh no, how regrettable! Because you are a human being and situations like that frequently occur to us, you cleansed your Air Pods. Breathe, first! The world is not going to end, and you might be able to avoid any damage by saving your headphones.

Avoid rushing into any decisions because exercising patience will enable you to make the most of this situation. Let us take some time to get rid of the water first because electrical and water do not mix.

What about accidentally drying air pods?

Many accounts from consumers who were able to save their Air Pods after washing them mention that they were also in the drying cycle.

Your headphones will probably be fine if they survive the water first because the dryer cycle is still dangerous but less so than the washing cycle. Your Air Pods are in some ways being shielded by the numerous wet clothing that are drying alongside them.

Air Pods Will (Perhaps) Survive the Washing Machine

I guess it is one of those days once more. You have reached a stage in your life where your Air Pods are being destroyed by the washing machine. You may be a little stupid, but you are a lucky moron. Because Apple considered customers like you when creating their products.

Even though it is not advisable, leaving your pricey Apple headphones in the device probably will not do too much damage. In addition, that really is rather unexpected. airpods in washing machine

The centrifugal forces of the washer will not cause much damage to the wireless headphones. In light of the fact that Air Pods can withstand drops up to 10 feet, a tumble wash is actually quite gentle. The sturdy plastic shell of the earphones can withstand blows even if they fall out of your pocket. airpods in washing machine

They are not waterproof, though. It is crucial to completely dry your Air Pods as soon as possible after accidentally washing them. The steps listed below will provide some helpful guidance on this. To prevent your wireless Apple earbuds from suffering long-term water damage, make sure to follow the instructions below! airpods in washing machine


Test Air pods immediately

Although this error is understandable, it could make or break the process of having your Air Pods repaired. It is best to avoid turning on wet Air Pods right away to prevent further component damage. Make sure to soak your Air Pods for at least 12 hours in a drying solution.

Use electric heaters to dry Air pods

Air pods are not made to survive high temperatures, especially after being submerged in a lot of water. When repairing Air Pods, using electric heating devices like blow dryers or an oven will cause more damage than good. airpods in washing machine

Excessive blowing to speed up drying

It can seem logical and wise to blow into your Air Pods to hasten the drying process. However, since we also exhale moisture, any excessive blowing could increase the amount of moisture that accumulates inside the Air Pod components. airpods in washing machine

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