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Agnes Wilson – Ethnicity, Personal & Pro Life, Motherhood & More


Agnes Wilson – We have seen many people become famous after being born into a renowned family, but very few become famous after their offspring earn a name. Agnes is the rare case of someone coming into the limelight after her daughter Gabriela Sarmiento, aka H.E.R., made a good career in singing.

Agnes is a Filipina American. Agnes is married to Kenny Wilson, and they have two daughters, Alex Wilson and Gabriel Wilson, who is very talented and also a famous singer. Gabriela’s father, Kenny, was also a musician. You may also know her Gabriela Sarmiento Wilson mom.

Agnes Wilson Education and Career

Agnes attended Vallejo High School before enrolling at Napa Valley College during her formative years. She studied nursing but decided to keep working, and she is a fully trained nurse at Kaiser Permanente Hospital. Her sincerity towards her job got noticed during the pandemic in the year 2020, when she physically went to the hospital to perform her duty.

Agnes was born in the Philippines and got her education there, but her parents decided to move to the United States to live a better lifestyle. Agnes got the nationality after migrating to the United States, and now she is an American. She currently resides in Vallejo, California, in the United States.

Agnes Wilson Appearance and Salary

After she became famous as the mother of Grammy winner Gabriela, many people started taking an interest in the personal life of Agnes. People want to know about her age, her net worth, and many other things. Agnes has kept her personal information from the media, and we can only reveal estimates made by fans and unofficial sources, claiming that her age places her somewhere in her 50s and that she earns $500k per year. Her age is also an estimation of about five feet, four inches.

Agnes Wilson Love Life

Gabriela Sarmiento’s parents come from different cultures. Agnes was born in the Philippines, and Kenny is African American. Yet they both managed to live a happy life with each other, raising two kids.

Wilson was married to an African American, former musician Kenny Wilson, and they spent quite a large portion of their lives together. They started seeing each other before finally marrying Kenny Wilson, and they spent quite a large portion of their lives together. They started seeing each other before finally marrying. The couple became parents to two adorable and talented daughters, named Gabriela Sarmiento and Alex Wilson. Unfortunately, it is suspected that the couple parted ways eventually. However, the family of four has been seen together many times attending public events.  

Agnes Wilson and Kenny Wilson Daughters

Gabriela made her parents proud by making a name for herself through her skills, she is a singer and has won multiple prominent awards.

Alex Wilson is younger than Gabriela and seems like a cute and shy girl. She is too young to make a statement in the diva world; rather, she has a casual dressing style. She is comparatively low-key but possesses a decent sense of music, and people suspect she is making a career in the music industry just like her father and sister.

Agnes Wilson the mother of Gabriela Sarmiento

Agnes Wilson gave birth to an iconic singer, named Gabriela Sarmiento. Gabriela goes by H.E.R. She has won a numerous award for her brilliant singing talent. Gabriela aka H.E.R is also a songwriter. Her full name is Gabriela Sarmiento Wilson. She added her mother’s last name to her own. The mother-daughter duo is super adorable, and they make many public appearances together. Gabriela took her mother to the Oscars Award show in the year 2021 and made a clear nonverbal statement that she is super proud of her mother and appreciates the fact that she gets to take her to such huge platforms. 

Gabriela is an American singer. She was born in the year 1997 in the United States. She has a big name and achieved many milestones at a young age. Gabriela has collaborated with one of the most famous rappers of America, Chris Brown.

Gabriela Sarmiento has a long list of accolades, and she has won recognition awards for her singing on huge platforms. Gabriela won two Grammy Awards in 2019 and is nominated for two more in 2020.After that year, she won another Grammy Award in the year 2021. 

Gabriela Sarmiento’s Net Worth

Gabriela’s career is at its peak, and she has received multiple awards for her music, which has made her famous worldwide. It is expected that you have a luxurious lifestyle when you work really hard. Gabriela is clearly making good money; however, revealing the exact number of her net worth would not be a confident thing to do as it has not been verified. Her estimated net worth is between $2 million to $5 million. Gabriela is now a big girl and is capable enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her family and you may also know her as Gabriela Sarmiento Wilson mom.

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