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Doja Cat Parents – A Dive into Her Life


Who are Doja Cat parents? Well Doja, a renowned American Rapper, is often the subject of intrigue and curiosity. Multiple fans worldwide are interested in the details of her personal life and often wonder, “Who are Doja Cat’s parents?” Through this article, we delve into the life of this popular personality and uncover the identity of her parents.

As per our latest research, the parents of Doja Cat are Dumisani Dlamini and Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.

A Brief Introduction to Doja Cat Parents

Doja Cat, an eminent figure in American rap, singing and songwriting, was born on 21st October 1995. Her birth name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. She rose to fame with her song “Mooo!” that went viral in 2018. Since then, she has worked on numerous successful projects and collaborations.

An Insight into Doja Cat’s Life

Born in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 1995, Doja Cat has a multicultural heritage, with her father being South African and her mother having Jewish-American roots. Raised in an artistically rich environment, she penned and produced music from her teenage years. Her initial offering, the EP “Purrr!” was out in 2014. However, she shot to fame with her 2018 single “Mooo!”, which went viral and propelled her into the limelight. Her subsequent albums, “Amala” and “Hot Pink,” have garnered critical acclaim.

The Current Age of Doja Cat

As of our most recent data, Doja Cat, born on October 21, 1995, is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Libra. With a plethora of achievements to her name, she enjoys immense popularity and has a considerable fanbase. She was born in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, United States. If you are a Doja Cat enthusiast, read on to explore more about her life.

The Intricacies of Her Relationship with Her Father

At the 2021 VMAs, Doja Cat (aka Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini) made a strong and unforgettable impression. As the host, her wardrobe choices spoke volumes. Among the outfits, she donned were a worm-inspired costume, which bore a striking resemblance to Heimlich from A Bug’s Life, as she collected her Best Collab award. The fashion parade didn’t stop there; she also sported a hat in the shape of a chair, a belt with a hanging dagger, and a final ensemble featuring bird feet and a salmon Pilgrim’s hat.

Her performance at the 2021 VMA was a standout, but let’s shift the spotlight onto her parents and her upbringing.

Doja’s Father Faces Backlash on Social Media for His Absence in Her Life

Dumisani, Doja’s father, is a renowned South African performer. He is recognized for his triple threat talent as a singer, producer, and actor. He crossed paths with Doja’s mother during his stint in the US, and together they have two children. Homesickness motivated Dumisani’s departure from the USA, as he longed for South Africa.

His desire to relocate his family to South Africa did not pan out as he had hoped. Dumisani has an impressive portfolio in the entertainment industry, with roles in Sarafina, Yizo Yizo, Stander, Operation Delta Force, and Drum. Dumisani appears to hold his daughter in high esteem, frequently interacting with her on social media and singing her praises. In a TshisaLive interview, he said:

“My daughter, the gorgeous Doja Cat, is now collaborating with Nicki Minaj. If you search for D. O. J. A. C. A. T, you’ll find that she’s currently one of America’s top singers.”

Despite his frequent public adoration, many perceive Dumisani’s actions as a late effort to reconnect with Doja Cat, now that she has achieved stardom. Doja finds her father’s social media attention slightly strange, but she harbors no resentment towards him. In fact, she credits him for her talents. Speaking to XXL, Doja said:

“Bless him. His talent is incredible. I owe my knack for talent and dance to him.”

Dumisani Refutes Claims of Never Meeting Doja, Insists They’ve Had Direct Conversations

Doja’s encounter with Whoopi Goldberg in April 2020 drew massive attention as they discussed Doja’s father during their meeting. Doja expressed surprise that Whoopi had met her father, an actor in Sarafina!, while she herself had not. Whoopi reminisced about Dumisani’s role and reassured Doja of his good character.

Contrary to Doja’s claims, Dumisani, as reported by The Source, maintained that he had reached out to his daughter much before she gained fame. He dismissed the idea of their nonacquaintance as a fabrication.

According to Dumisani, his attempts to contact Doja have been inhibited by her management company, as they fear she might go off the grid upon meeting him. Despite this, Dumisani stated that he and Doja have had conversations. He emphasized her need to capture global attention, especially in South Africa given her roots, now that she’s a successful artist.

Her Mother inspired Doja’s Musical Style

Raised by her mother, Deborah Elizabeth, Doja’s music style was heavily influenced by the type of music her mother listened to. Doja revealed that her mother, despite being white, had a fondness for hip-hop. This fact surprised Doja, who shared in the 31st episode of The Hotbox that Deborah played a wide array of music from artists like Erykah Badu, Fugees, and Earth, Wind & Fire, among others.

Deborah, being a painter, also fostered Doja’s creative spirit. Although Doja knows she has siblings living in different cities, she values her immediate family unit. Speaking to The Fader, she acknowledged the importance of family, while also recognizing that not all family dynamics are idyllic.

Doja, in conversation with Dazed, credited both her parents for her successful career. She mentioned her mother’s love for singing and painting and her father’s accomplishments as a South African actor, and how she has incorporated aspects from both their worlds into her work.

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